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Okay, so the first part of the story goes out and gets all these deposed communist leaders who naturally are angry at Reagan for giving them the heave-ho, for throwing them overboard. You keep reading, though. “Reagan’s Central America policy came under criticism at home when the Iran-Contra scandal unfolded. (break) Reagan did not create the crises in Central America. The Sandanistas seized power in a revolution months before he took office. (break) But critics said his hard line against communism killed off any hopes for negotiated settlements, polarized the region, and fed violence.?
Pretty much his hard line against communism killed off any hope, that’s true, because you don’t negotiate with communists. If you do, you lose. “Polarized the region” just means that an opposition to communism arose, and “fed violence” means the opposition went to war. They revolted and there was a war, and guess what? They won and the communists have been banished to the ash heap of history. They’re gone.

Nicaraguan president Enrique Bolanos said Reagan was — this is the current president of Nicaragua, a western democracy that supports America now — Nicaraguan president Enrique Bolanos said Reagan was, ?a great defender of Nicaragua’s return to democracy and all Nicaraguans who believe in democracy recognize that legacy.” In El Salvador president Tony Sacca said Reagan helped the country in “its most difficult moments.”
“Allies say the proof is at the ballot box — since the end of the region’s civil wars, voters have repeatedly elected conservative, pro-Washington governments.” It’s in the story at the end. There’s the truth, that’s the Reagan legacy — what John Kerry called the so-called illegal war in Central America. The so-called illegal wars were nothing more than revolutions that began prior to Reagan assuming office. He funded them or attempted to, they succeeded, and there have been elections ever since in these countries, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Jimmy Carter’s monitored a couple of them, and again they are pro-Washington conservative governments, that’s why the left is mad.

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