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</a>MONDULL VP CANDIDATE GERALDINE FERRARO: You want more for your kids than you have, and that’s the American dream.
VOICE: Mondale and Ferraro, bringing new fairness to America. While Mr. Reagan tries to slash Medicare; they fight for seniors. While he forces four million people out of work; they fight for workers. And on tax breaks —
MONDULL: I refuse to make your family pay more so that millionaires can pay less.
VOICE: They’ll be taking the first step in a new direction for America, Mondale-Ferraro. For your future.
RUSH: Sound familiar? (Laughing) That’s actually funny to listen to this and to realize what a bunch of antiques and dinosaurs these Democrats are. It’s the same old appeal, and their constituency groups have begun to fracture. Now, here’s this one on the deficit. You’ve got to remember back in the ’84 campaign, the deficit was a “monster.” They hated it. They thought they were going to bring Reagan down with it, and here’s the Mondull ad called <a target=new href=”http://www.ammi.org/cgi-bin/video/years.cgi?1984,8,100,x,,”>”House.”</a>
[Cheesy horror movie music] ANNOUNCER: After you work for a lifetime to pay off your house, you expect to be free and clear. But in another American house (showing White House) there are plans today to put you $18,000 in debt, your share of Mr. Reagan’s deficits. But when Mondale moves into the White House, he won’t forget about your place. He’ll cut spending, close tax loopholes, and put new taxes in a trust fund to pay off Reagan’s debt. Let’s stop mortgaging America. Mondale-Ferraro. They’re fighting for your future.

RUSH: I’d forgotten about their stupid trust fund. You know, it’s a forerunner of the lockbox. (Laughing) They were going to cut spending. Yes! They are going to raise taxes on the rich. They’re going to make sure your health care is not taken away. They’re going to make sure your Social Security is not taken away. They’ve been crying wolf for 20 years. It’s one of the reasons why Bush got a larger percentage of the seasoned citizen vote in 2000 than anybody expected, because the Democrats have been warning about all these horrible things for more than the 20 years here and they don’t happen, and finally people start scratching their heads. Here’s a Kerry ad, has the same theme as the Mondale ads. Class warfare, “Republican tax cuts for the rich.” Mondull ads, again, 20 years ago, wrong then. Listen to this Kerry ad</a>
WOMAN: My husband died of cancer a few years ago. I’m working full time, raising four boys and earn $28,000. I think it makes sense to roll back tax cuts on the wealthiest people in this country. Some candidates want to raise taxes on the middle class. We can’t be taxed anymore. John Kerry is not going to raise taxes on the middle class.
KERRY: I don’t think we should be asking the middle class to be the people who are going to pick up for George Bush’s mistakes.
WOMAN: John Kerry understands what’s going on in my life.
KRRY: I’m John Kerry, and I approved this message.
RUSH: Okay, my husband died cancer a few years ago, working full time, raising four boys, earn 28 grand, think it makes sense to rollbacks tax cuts for the wealthiest people. How is that going to make your life better, lady? You make 28 grand, people make more than you, their taxes are cut, how is that going to change your life? That’s class envy in a nutshell. This woman’s life is not going to be improved at all regardless of what happens to the rich — unless they do get their taxes cut so maybe somebody can hire her and a satisfactorily more than what she’s making now. But that’s not the point of the ad. The point of the ad is this woman is sitting there suffering. She’s barely getting by. She’s scraping by. Twenty-eight thousand dollars a year, four kids, and the rich are going to get a tax increase under Mondale, rich are going to get a tax increase, and that’s supposed to make her feel better.

</a>See, that’s class envy. Nothing good happens to you. You’re supposed to be made to feel better because of the so-called supposed misery of others. You’re supposed to sit out there and be made whole by the pain of someone else. So you sittin’ there, you earn 28 grand and the people who earn more than you are going to get a tax increase and you go, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” and after you go, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” how has your life changed? Hasn’t. You’re supposed to feel better, but nothing has been done. It’s just quackery. It is just pure quackery. Here’s another Mondale ad on foreign policy</a>. The first 20 seconds is just graphics, so let me paint the picture. The graphics say, “Central America. Secret war, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Beruit,” and images of flag-draped coffins go by, and then “FAILURES.” So as you listen, there’s just ten seconds of audio in this ad is what you’re going to hear, so let me set the stage again when I get through setting the stage I’ll have them start the audio. Graphics. Imagine before your very eyes graphics, “Central America, secret war, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Beirut,” images of flag-draped coffins, and “FAILURES.”
ANNOUNCER: With the whole world at stake, it’s time to move on and we must do better. Mondale for president.

RUSH: And here’s a John Kerry ad on Mondale’s theme of “we can do better.”
VET: When the bullets began to hit the side of the boat, the boom, the pow-pow-pow, we found out that John Kerry can lead.
KERRY: There’s a sense after Vietnam that every other day is extra, that you have to do what’s right. You know it’s right to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, to guarantee all Americans’ health care and invest in our kids. That’s why I’m running for president.
VET: We want better for America.
KERRY: I’m John Kerry, and I approved this message.
VET: This man would make a great president.

</a> RUSH: One more ad, John Kerry and Commitment</a>. This is cut 6. Here we go.
KERRY: As president I’ll set a few clear national priorities for America. First, we will keep this country safe and secure. Second, I’ll put an end to tax incentives that encourage American companies to ship jobs overseas, and third we’ll invest in education and health care. My priorities are jobs and health care. My commitment is to defend this country. I’m John Kerry, and —
RUSH: All right, that’s it. That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! So about the only thing you can credit them for is that they’re consistent and they stay on message. But they haven’t evolved. It’s the same. Yeah, they ran flag-draped coffin commercials and nobody complained back in 1984. Yeah, right.

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