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This isn’t about electing Kerry. It never has been. It’s about Hillary in 2008. Bill’s book — I just said it in the last hour — Bill’s book is designed to help her. And the New York Times has a story today saying that the purpose of the book is to help Kerry. Come on, folks. We all know that that’s not what this is about. And now all these stories dumping on Kerry and the Democrats have no stance on Iraq? I mean, I thought John Kerry had the answer to Iraq. [Kerry sing-song voice] “I’m going to do it smarter. I’m going to do it better.” People are saying, “Well, what?” [Kerry sing-song voice] “Well, I am.”

And we’ve got unity now. We’ve got a 15-zip vote in the Security Council last week. As I said, folks, and this is important. Last week, the French and the Germans and the Russians joined us at the Security Council in this resolution authorizing the hand-over of sovereignty to Iraq on June 30th. Well, you know what this means? It means that the French and the Germans and the Russians are there. It means that the terrorists can now go home. It means the terrorists can stop being terrorists, because the Democrats, John Kerry, they say…they don’t know to do about Iraq? They’ve always said we’re going to get the international community involved. We’re going to get the international community involved. International community is involved and they have told us that by doing that this will stop the war right? We’ll end the war. We’ll have all this international support and that alone will read to victory, right? Well, we’ve got it. We got a 15 to zip vote in the Security Council.

Now, this means, according to Democrats and John Kerry, that the terrorists can now quit. They know they’re beat. The terrorists do not have to terrorize anymore. They can go home, because they don’t have a prayer because the French and the Germans and the Russians have joined us at the Security Council. Isn’t that what this means? I mean logic would say yeah. Of course, common sense would say it’s full of garbage. I mean this is an illustration of the folly of the whole Democrat policy in Iraq. “Well, if we just had an international coalition, why, better off and this wouldn’t be going on, we could put this uprising down and move on.” Well, we’ve got it. Even if it is just about sovereignty, we have international unity, we have the UN, we had the UN Security Council, and the terrorists, I guess, are supposed to look at this and realize that their days are numbered, that they have no hope, and just quit and go home. Back to the caves of Afghanistan. Back to wherever it is they came to Iraq from. Back to Iran, back to Syria.
You see my point. So on the heels of all of, this the Clinton book, this unveiling of the portrait today, we’ve got the — Cookie just sent me the new Bush sound bites that I still want to you hear. Now we’ve got the New York Times and Washington Post sort of dumping on Kerry this week. I should have known. This is build-up to Bill Clinton’s Legacy Summer, and this is the first day of it. That explains this story.

“A well-attended a news conference last month, Democrat representative John Murtha, Pennsylvania, one of the Democrats most respected and hawkish lawmakers on military matters proposed sending many thousands more troops to Iraq to help stabilize the nation. He also noted he has long favored restarting the draft. The response from his fellow Democrats? Crashing silence. In a closed Democrat caucus meeting a few days later the liberal representative Jim McDermott, [Baghdad Jim], urged Congress to set a firm day for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. The response? A handful of colleagues seconded the idea but everybody else ignored it. ‘Is there a consensus? No,’ said Democrat Caucus Chairman Robert Mendez of New Jersey. Like many Democrats he blamed Bush for alienating traditional allies and mishandling efforts to pacify and rebuild Iraq. ‘Americans can’t lead when they can’t get others to follow.'”
Which is poppycock. But the point this story is that the Democrats have no Iraq policy. They’ve got no Iraq stance. They’ve got no solution to the problem. All they can do is poke holes at what Bush is doing but there’s no unity here and therefore Kerry has no policy, either, whatsoever. You know, these stories are fascinating to me because they come on the heels of all this polling data that show Kerry just running away with this, or tied in certain places.
Here’s the New York Times, “From the Senate, a chorus rises in support of Edwards.” He’s the consensus choice for VP. Will Kerry accept the consensus? Will he let others decide this? Again it’s a story here that Kerry can’t make up his own mind and other people have got to make these decisions for him. It is an onslaught — well, I mean — as far as the media, the partisan media is concerned, this is a pretty tough day for John Kerry out there, and it’s no coincidence, as I say, that it comes on the first day of Bill Clinton summer in America.

“Democrat senators and senate candidates are pressing John Kerry to name one of their own, John Edwards as his running mate in part because they believe Edwards would help Democrats in five tossup races in the south and give the party a fighting chance to recapture control of the Senate. The Democratic senators from the south, as well as from other parts of the country say the choice of Edwards would allow candidates in North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, to openly associate themselves with a national ticket that they have mainly avoided. Beyond that they say Edwards would be a strong candidate elsewhere in the nation.”

Now, this is a myth. We’ve got to go back to look at the primaries here. Edwards didn’t even win his own state by a convincing margin. He didn’t even win it, did he? Did he win North Carolina? But it was not by anywhere near the margin that was expected, and outside of North Carolina he didn’t win any more states than Wesley Clark did, right, or Howard Dean? He just stayed in the race longer, and that was trumped up to make it look like Kerry had competition so the media would have reason to cover the returns on those primary nights. [Program Observer Interruption] No, Howard Dean won one state. I don’t think Edwards did win more than one state. Go look it up. I don’t think Edwards did. That’s why when they talk about all this unity… I could be wrong about this. Wasn’t paying that close attention. I don’t think he did. You name it outside of North Carolina. The point is he might have won another state. I still don’t think he did, but he didn’t get all the votes that the excitement they were suggesting surrounded him was real. In fact, one of the reasons that this is happening I think these Democrats are suggesting, Kerry actually said, “We can win without the south.” That’s one of the things he said before going into the — I guess it was the South Carolina primary debate. So, at any rate, that’s what the senate wants, John Edwards.
My old buddy Rich Galen who publishes an internet newsletter called Mullings has his own suggestions and this is based on the fact that John McCain has pulled out. I don’t know if you knew this or not but Friday afternoon McCain made it official. Friday afternoon, McCain made it official. He’s not going to run with John Kerry. So Rich has decided to come up with some alternative names for John Kerry. Because Joe Biden was on Meet the Press yesterday and he said that a unity ticket, a national unity ticket would go a long way towards healing the vicious rift which he says is confronting the U.S. This is another example of a core belief of the Democratic Party in America. If the Republicans don’t bend to the will of Democrats, then it’s bad for America.

So Biden says if Kerry would choose a Republican, it would unify the country, and that’s good. So McCain pulls out, so who are we going to go to Republican-wise? Here is a list of names from Rich Galen. Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Dan Quayle, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and me, Rush Limbaugh.
About me, Rich Galen writes, “Has a ready-made constituency. Is as politically polar-opposite to John Kerry as anyone in America so, according to the Biden Doctrine, is the best possible person for Kerry to pick. Because he has had some experience in radio, he could take over that whole Saturday radio message thing and have people actually listen. Also it would be a newt to have someone named “Rush” as Vice President.” (Laughing.)

So, thank you, Rich, for including me in this august list of potential candidates that Joe Biden said would help to unify the country if John Kerry would simply choose a Republican.


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