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So apparently in the midst of his presidential campaign, he’s got time to sit around and design the paint scheme of his jet, and that’s the Spectator’s take on this. He’s designing logos, and he wants the logo to appear upbeat and patriotic. Apparently he doesn’t have enough to focus on, or perhaps he’s looking to escape the really tough decisions like his vice presidential nominee selection. “Kerry is to meet with senior AFL-CIO leaders in Atlantic City today, and that happened this morning, where he will speak to the national conference of the union, but also get an earful from the leadership over his veep selection. As The Prowler reported six weeks ago, the AFL-CIO has been telling supporters that Gephardt was basically a lock as the veep, increasingly union bosses have been hearing that Gephardt is no longer in the running, and that’s when the AFL-CIO lobbyist comes in and says, “Gephardt better damn well be the pick. We’ve done too much for Kerry to get screwed this way. A governor from Iowa, that ain’t going to cut it for our membership. It’s been tough enough selling Kerry to some of our people.” So it appears that there’s trouble in paradise out there in the Kerry campaign.

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