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RUSH: Now, this is being greeted with the usual leftist cynicism. “What do you mean ‘democracy’ among a bunch of Arabs and Muslims? They don’t want democracy. They can’t handle it! They couldn’t be a democracy. They don’t want freedom. Who are we to impose our way of life on them?” Of course, the assumption here or the idea that freedom is an “imposition” has always amused me from the left, but I’m reminded here that Ronald Reagan constantly said this about the Soviet Union. It was going to implode due to its own immorality. Freedom, the natural yearning of the human spirit — that’s what I say, but that’s what Bush is talking about. Freedom is the root of all good in the human condition, and yet, and yet, we have American liberals and leftists making fun of this and pooh-poohing this. They’re the ones who claim to be the guardians of civil rights. They’re the ones that claim to be the protectors of the Constitution. They’re the ones who claim to be all interested in freedom to do whatever, and yet, let the president discuss it as a concept for people in the Middle East, “Oh, yeah, right! (snickering) Never happen.”
These people are never enthusiastic or positive about anything, other than pessimism. They are optimistic about pessimism. These people are happily miserable. They are happy mad; they are happy being negative. It is their natural state of mind. They are defeatists and they are pessimists and it is why it would be a huge mistake and a great risk if people who think like they do ever again really regain the control, leadership controls of this country in the midst of what we face now,. You listen to that bite (of Bush). John Kerry is incapable of saying that. John Kerry — there’s no leftist out there that is capable of saying this and meaning it, because they don’t. They don’t believe in freedom. That’s the whole point about liberalism, folks. Liberalism subjugates. Subjects! Liberalism makes dependent people, not independent people. Liberalism seeks to see the worst in people. Liberalism seeks to see the deficiencies and the incompetence in as many people as possible because from that liberals derive their power.
“Well, look at all those people who are incompetent and incapable. They need us to choose how they’re going to live their lives. They’re too stupid to know what to do best for themselves. They’re too stupid to know how to raise their kids. They’re too stupid to know who to vote for. We’ll do it for them.” The whole concept. You start talking about freedom for other people around the world; it’s a threat just as it is to the European socialists — these elitists, these old-money people who fear freedom because they think it will challenge their own. Here’s one more Bush bite, and this is great. He’s just explaining here how big the hand-over yesterday will be in the history of the Middle East.
BUSH: In just 15 months the Iraqi people have left behind one of the worst regimes in the Middle East, and their country is become the world’s newest democracy. The world has seen a great event in the history of Iraq, and the history of the Middle East, and in the history of the liberty. The rise of Iraq democracy is bringing home to reformers across the Middle East and sending a very different message to Tehran and Damascus. A free and sovereign Iraq is a decisive defeat for extremists and terrorists because their hateful ideology will lose its appeal in the free and tolerant and successful country.

RUSH: Now, folks, just printing something out. I just got something from our old buddies at NewsMax. No, it’s not that I don’t have any comment on this. I just saw this. I have not seen this anywhere else in the news today. This is from today: “The Sept. 11 Commission has found that the Bush administration’s war on terror has severely impaired Al-Qaeda’s ability to organize another spectacular attack against the U.S. homeland [italics added by EIB] by capturing or killing the deadly terror group’s key leaders, drying up their financial resources and severely limiting their ability to ‘strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide.’ The bombshell finding, buried at the end of the Commission’s Staff Statement No. 15, should have been hailed in the press as evidence that we’ve at least turned the corner in the war on terror — and may indeed have the enemy on the run. Instead, reporters have ignored this particular Commission finding since its release on June 16.
“Here’s the part of Staff Statement 15 that the press decided Americans didn’t need to hear about, as reported by the Commission under the heading ‘Al-Qaeda Today.’ [Quote:] ‘Since the September 11 attacks and the defeat of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda’s funding has decreased significantly. The arrests or deaths of several important financial facilitators have decreased the amount of money Al-Qaeda has raised and increased the costs and difficulty of raising and moving that money. ‘Some entirely corrupt charities are now out of business, with many of their principals killed or captured, although some charities may still be operating and providing support to Al-Qaeda.
“‘Moreover, it appears that the Al-Qaeda attacks within Saudi Arabia in May and November 2003 have reduced – perhaps drastically ? Al-Qaeda’s ability to raise funds from Saudi sources. Both an increase in Saudi enforcement and a more negative perception of Al-Qaeda by potential donors have cut its income.’ And the good news for America…doesn’t end there. In the same section, Staff Statement 15 notes: ‘Prior to 9/11, Al-Qaeda was a centralized organization which used Afghanistan as a war room to strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide.’ But now, says the Commission, ‘Bin Laden’s seclusion (has) forced operational commanders and cell leaders to assume greater authority; they are now making the command decisions previously made by him.'”
“So, in other words, whether dead or alive, the prime mover behind the September 11th attacks has been taken out of commission with operational authority handed over to allies of convenience like Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.” This is from June 16th. This is June the 29th. This is 13 days ago. This is in staff statement 15. The administration — this is the 9/11 Commission staff report. It has suspiciously gone unreported. Our buddies at NewsMax have found this today. I just wanted to pass this on to you so that you would know about it. Have you heard anything about this? Nothing about this last week while I was away? (Staff response) Okay, well, we’ve got a scoop, thanks to our boys in the NewsMax. This is just, just incredible. I mean the 9/11 Commission is who the left has been citing left and right. This staff statement 15 sort of blows up the whole Michael Moore premise, which is insane anyway, but I mean it still blows it up anyway. It’s worked! Attacking Afghanistan worked. Al-Qaeda has been busted up. They’re no longer capable of a major attack on the United States. 9/11 Commission says this, not me. 9/11 Commission is saying it, not Bush. May as well say that Richard Ben-Veniste wrote this. He’s a member of the commission.
Let’s quote Richard Ben-Veniste who is now saying, because that’s a staff report, and he’s got to go along with it. There might be some dissent, I guess. At any rate, the president said, “In just 15 months the Iraqi people have left behind one of the worst regimes in the Middle East. The country is becoming the world’s newest democracy,” and he’s right. This is a major deal yesterday, as we tried to point out. The press and liberals trying to make the sound like it’s nothing more than a fail-safe operation to help us get out of there quicker, that, “It’s not going to work. The Iraqis aren’t ready for it. We’re a puppet regime.” Whatever it is, they just refuse — by the way, folks, this is not just because it’s an election year. They’d be doing this anyway. They would be doing this anyway. Oh, yeah, they’d be, given their current status. All they seek is their power back. They’re going to oppose anything that benefits this country, when they’re out of power, because how they going to get their power back if they support something that benefits the country? They think only they are capable of running the country.

Now, it’s one thing if you talk about health care. It’s one thing if you’re talking about education. You can have arguments about those issues. This, we’re talking national security and they’re treating national security the same way they do food stamps! They’re treat national security the same way they do any little silly social concern and that is, “Do whatever damage to the country possible. We’ll fix it our way when we get our power back,” but they’re messing with national security on this one, not some of these, you know, social issues like what are we going to do getting everybody health care, getting everybody a condom or getting everybody Viagra, whatever they want. “We’ll handle that, when we get our power back.” It’s just unseemly, you leftists. Up next John Kerry. We’ll let you do a little comparison here, just heard the president say and what Kerry said to the Monochrome Coalition of the Reverend Jackson’s this morning.
RUSH: As promised, some John Kerry sound bites. He was today in Chicago, addressing the Monochrome Coalition of the, uh, REVerend Jacks’nnn, and this is just — we got three bites here, and it’s just bam, bam, bam ’em here. Thank you, ma’am. This is #1.
KERRY: I am running for president to make America’s dreams real again [Pauses for applause greeted by total silence] to fight with you in —
RUSH: Stop, stop, stop, stop. Is he slurring his words in this fight? I ? re-cue that, (broadcast engineer) Mike. “I’m running for president to make Americans dreams real…” What the hell kind of pap? Making it up or whatever but, you know, this is, this is ? “make America’s dreams real”? We’re in a burgeoning economy. America’s dreams are taking place every day. That’s the whole point! People dream every day; people’s dreams come true every day. If they don’t come true today they’ll come true tomorrow. That’s the story of America. All right, I’ll take it back. I’m not going to say he’s slurring the words, but something here caught my attention. I am a trained linguist. I notice these things.
KERRY: I am running for president to make America’s dreams real again, to fight with you in these struggles. [Pauses for applause greeted by total silence]
RUSH: Yeah.
KERRY: To do what we need to do to live up to the expectations of the generation that follows us that knows that our obligation is to leave this place to them in better shape than we were given it by our parents. [Pauses for applause greeted by total silence] The (communist) poet Langston Hughes —
RUSH: Hold it.
KERRY: — put it brilliantly —
RUSH: Hold it. For the broadcast engineer, a little “hold it” means “stop the tape.” There’s no applause here. Have you noticed that there’s no applause? There’s no pep. There’s no vim. There’s no vigor. There’s no energy – and there’s no reaction. Okay, roll the tape.
KERRY: — and powerfully this way.
RUSH: Yeah?
KERRY: He said, “Let America be America again.”
RUSH: Stop the tape. What? When did America cease being America? What am I missing? If America isn’t America, and this is just… We’re just a supposition. We’ll just accept his premise for the hell of it. If America isn’t America, it’s because of people like him. Roll the tape.
KERRY: “Let it be the dream it used to be, for those whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain, whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain must bring back our mighty dream again.” [Pauses for applause greeted by total silence] That’s what this race is about. Not about Democrat, Republican, independent, Libertarian, Green. It’s not about partisanship. It’s not about ideology. It’s about America.
RUSH: I defy anybody to tell me what he just said. Here’s the second bite.
KERRY: This administration says this is the best economy of our lifetime. [Pauses for reaction greeted by total silence] They say this is the best we can do.

RUSH: Hold it a second! I thought this wasn’t about partisanship! I thought this wasn’t about ideology!
KERRY: They’ve even called us “pessimists” because we dare to tell the truth about people in Appalaaachia. We tell the truth about people who don’t have health care. We tell the truth about children being left behind. We tell the truth about what’s happening to seniors who can’t afford prescription drugs and live on Social Security.
RUSH: Hold it a second! Has he forgotten there’s a new prescription drug entitlement, and if some children are being left behind, whose fault is that? Is it the government’s job to make sure nobody’s left behind? We’ve got a No Child Left Behind Act. This is just stunning, folks. It’s like he’s in a time capsule and he doesn’t know this is 2004. It’s like he’s running for election in the 1930’s during the Great Depression.
KERRY: Well, I say the most pessimistic thing that you can say is that we can’t do better in the United States of America. (Barely audible person applauding)
RUSH: Who’s saying that? Your party says that! Your party says our best days are behind us. Your party is the one that’s full of pessimism. Your party is the one that has no optimism. Your party is the one that doesn’t look at things and see dreams coming true. You look at the future and you see George Bush as a terrorist and Saddam Hussein as an angel. Here’s the third wham-bam bite from John Kerry. Let’s roll it.
KERRY: Don’t tell us that when voters who were duly registered and they turn up to vote and they find out that their names have been purged wrongly from the lists or when they show up to vote and they’re told, “We don’t have you registered, because registry makes mistakes.” Don’t tell us that people who are harassed and intimidated from going to the polls, something we thought we resolved in the 1960s —
RUSH: Hold it. Hold it. Do you know what he’s talking about here? He’s talking about Florida. But let me tell you what really happened. It happened in the Janet Reno, Bob McBride (Democratic gubernatorial) primary. That’s what blacks — the Democrats were the ones that tried to keep blacks from going to the polls to secure the nomination for Janet Reno for governor down here. It wasn’t… This business in 2000, if you want to talk about disenfranchisement, Senator Kerry, let’s talk about the military absentee votes that your party tried to get thrown out.
KERRY: — and it still happens in the dawn of the 21st Century. Don’t tell us that we live in the greatest democracy in the world and we have to make sure not only does every vote count, but every vote is counted. We can do better, and we will do better this time. (limp applause.)
RUSH: Yip yip yip yip yahoo. No energy, no passion, no substance, no message, just an appeal to lingering rage. Now, this is in Chicago, where they count the votes of the dead, where people are registered twice and three times and they’re allowed to vote that many times. Here he’s telling these people about Florida. They just can’t move to the future. Everything in these people’s lives is about the past and how they got screwed. How they were treated unfairly — and, of course, every independent vote count in Florida shows that Bush won, and those were media vote counts. They just can’t let it go. This is why I’m telling you, folks. To me this is all part of the reason I’m optimistic about this.

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