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SCHNEIDER: So do Americans see the hand-over as a sign that U.S. policy is succeeding? The answer is no. By nearly two to one, the public says the transfer of power is a sign that U.S. policy is failing because the U.S. is turning over power to the Iraqis without bringing stability to Iraq. Republicans don’t feel that way, but Democrats do, overwhelmingly, and so do independents. As most Americans see it, the U.S. is saying to Iraq, the insurgency is primarily your problem.

RUSH: They are their own country, we don’t colonize, we don’t take over. This was part of the original plan. By the way, I want to see how the Iraqis deal with this insurgency. They said they’re going to be tougher, they’re not going to as patient, they’re going to kick ass, they’re going to go over there and they’re not going to take any garbage from these insurgents and we’ll just see. But the desire to go out and make this a failure. Folks, no matter what the event is, in this war on terror — I don’t care what it is. We can find Saddam, that’s a failure. We haven’t got bin Laden. We’re going to get Saddam and turn him over to the Iraqis, that’s a failure. The Iraqis will let him go. He’s not going to wear an ankle bracelet, and he’ll be back in power in who knows how many weeks. We didn’t send enough troops to Afghanistan. We shouldn’t have gone to Afghanistan in the first place. It’s all a failure. It’s all a failure, the way these people try to construct it, and it’s disheartening to see this, because these are Americans that hold this view.

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