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RUSH: And in California… Now, would you agree that most of the rich people in California are liberals? I mean, there’s no question about this, correct? All right, from the LA Times: “Loophole You Can Sail a Yacht Through – Offshore purchases let wealthy Californians escape paying millions in sales taxes.” (Gasp!) “Amid spending projections and tax proposals being exchanged in Sacramento, a surprising document recently cropped up: ‘The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada.’ [see] It’s a guide to a California sales tax loophole that hundreds of yachts sail through every year, costing the state as much as $55 million. And it is one of a handful of issues still on the table as lawmakers rush to reach agreement on a $103-billion state budget by the end of the fiscal year” which ends at midnight tonight.

“Democrats want to kill the loophole to raise money for social services. Republicans want to save it, saying it keeps boating industry jobs in California. At issue is the state’s sales tax of about 8% — depending on the county — on most purchases, including vessels of all kinds. For most boat buyers, the tax is no more than a few thousand dollars. But for boats costing $400,000 and up, many financial advisors say it pays to avoid the sales tax altogether” all you gotta do is take “advantage of the loophole in the law. So what happens is, “buyers make their purchases offshore — and keep the boats out of state for 90 days. After that, they can bring their vessels back to California without paying the sales tax [at all] on new purchases. Tax officials say buyers of planes and luxury RVs are doing the same thing.”

That’s right! These people are a bunch of Benedict Arnolds but I say, “Go for it.” If there’s a loophole in the law and you can escape, do it! If all you got to do is go buy your yacht and not (program observer interruption). Ohhhhh! (program observer interruption) The children will not “suffer.” This is like saying we need — here, let’s go to audio sound bite — where is it? — #6. This guy was on Hannity & Colmes last night, his name is Ron Daniels. He’s a syndicated columnist, and he’s black, and Ollie North says, “What’s wrong with lower taxes? What’s wrong with higher moral standards, better schools — and quite frankly, the fact that Colin Powell and Condi Rice just happen to be black?” There was a discussion about what the Republicans have to do to “reach out to blacks,” and this (Daniels) guy was saying that blacks in the Bush administration don’t count because it’s not about color; it’s about ideology, which is why I’ve always said! It’s the NAALCP, the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, not the NAACP. But listen to what this guy, Walters — or Daniels, I’m sorry — had to say.

DANIELS: That’s the “Three C’s Disease,” I call it: Condoleezza, Clarence, and Colin.

NORTH: (Groans.)

DANIELS: It’s not really about color. It’s about ideology. So we want to talk about 50% unemployment in New York of black men. This happens to be the case here, and we’re just talking about the question that we have more black men in prison now than in colleges and universities.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, the three C’s Disease: Condoleezza, Clarence and Colin. Yeah, “it’s not about color. It’s about ideology.” Before this, what this guy had said was that we need to take the money we’re spending on Iraq and spend it on schools. We need to take the money we’re spending on Iraq and spend it on the poor. We are spending so much money! Do you know that 60% of the federal budget is entitlements, meaning social programs? 60%! We spend over two times on education already what we spend on defense, and there’s money left over (story) as we chronicled yesterday and in today’s sterling Morning Update. There’s money left over. There’s $2 billion left over right now, and they’ve got till the end of the year to earmark how that money is going to be spent and they’re going to lose it yet they’re all out there clamoring for more because there’s a shortfall. There’s no shortfall. So all this talk about, “We’ve got to close that sales tax loophole for the children!” Hell with it, California is already spending enough money on social services. That’s what’s wrong in the first place.

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