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<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1988:</B> Chemical weapons attack against Kurdish town of Halabja, or Halabja kills an estimated 5,000 civilians on March 28 — and this does not touch on those who lived and were disfigured and ruined for the rest of their lives.

<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1990:</B> Saddam orders invasion of Kuwait on August 2nd.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1990:</B> Iraqi forces fire Scud missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1990:</B> Iraqi soldiers allegedly torture summarily execute hundreds of Kuwaitis and set Kuwaiti oil wells ablaze.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1991:</B> Some 60,000 people believed killed when Saddam violently crushes rebellion by Shi’ite Muslims in the south and Kurds in the north at close of Gulf War.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1992:</B> Draining of marshes in southern Iraq driving population known as “Marsh Arabs” from their homes and wiping out their way of life. Tens of thousands killed.

This alone is worth execution because of the environmental destruction. Forget what he did to the people; he destroyed the marsh! I mean, if the environmentalist wackos in this country and in Europe and around the world would be consistent, he goes to the electric chair, to the gas chamber, whatever, for this alone — and the oil well fires. Of course, they got a problem with the oil well fires. They hate oil and they love the oil being depleted but they don’t like the fires and that to pollute everything. Of course you know those oil well fires after the Gulf War in the early 90s? Everybody said, “It’s going to cost tens years of pollution to the damage to the environment.” It’s all gone, got cleaned up. There’s this thing called “rain,” and, you know, when it falls through that all that stuff, it’s magic. It’s magic what happens. (<a target=new href=”/home/cold/shazam__the__ole_simpleton_was_right_again.member.html”>Rush</a> | <a target=new href=”http://www.enn.com/news/wire-stories/2003/01/01092003/ap_49318.asp”>Story</a>) But anyway, forget what he did to the people. Forget what he did: gassing them and murdering them and burying them in mass graves. That is nothing. The environmental destruction alone, especially destroying the marsh! Why, he doesn’t deserve to even get his day in court, if you ask me.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> <B>1996:</B> Two of Saddam’s sons-in-law are killed on February 20th after they return from Jordan where they fled and exposed the campaign to hide banned weapons from the United Nations.
Of course, there aren’t any weapons of mass destruction. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. The only guy — I mean, the whole world made up that lie, but Saddam executed a couple guys for spilling the beans on his program. Folks, that’s just scratching the surface. I mean, the mass graves (EIB Photos) in Iraq number, I think the latest estimate I saw is between 300,000 and a million — and believe it or not, there are some people who are looking at Iraq today and saying, and there’s some people in this country are saying, “Well, you know, that’s what it took to run that country. That’s what it took to keep that country in order,” and we’re seeing, “Maybe it was in better shape with Saddam in power.” We’ve heard this said in this country by some of the fringe kook liberals out there.

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