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Now, when you read the, okay, fine, but why does that affect, why does that matter? What’s the difference? We just read this and go, “Okay, going to target women.” But if you stop and allow this to register, if you process this, what it’s obviously intended to do is to intimidate us because Abu Musab Zarqawi, this is not about what they think of women in the militant Islamic world, this is about what they think we think of women – and it is designed to weaken us. It is designed, “Oh, wait a minute, you can go ahead and take all the male soldiers you want, that’s one thing, go ahead and behead them, but don’t you dare mess with our women!” That’s what he’s thinking we’re going to say, and by reacting that way, we are going to treat our women differently. If a woman is taken hostage and is, say, threatened with execution by virtue of decapitation, Zarqawi thinks that we will cave.
Now, this goes back. You take this all the way back to the original debates on women in combat, because the answer ought to be: if we are truly emancipated and enlightened, there’s no difference, men and women are the same, both are soldiers, they both know what they’re getting into, makes no difference to us, prisoner of war is a prisoner of war, you better not mistreat any of them. But what will our society actually do if this actually happens?
If this Abu Mussab Zarqawi fellow actually manages to kidnap a female soldier, and we get the videotape, blindfolded and all these thugs standing behind and a long knife, what will the reaction be? I wonder. I don’t know. Well, I think I know what the reaction would be. I think there would be an outcry in the country because no matter how hard the femi-Nazis have tried, they still are never going to succeed in having men and women in this kind of situation especially, looked at and treated equally.

So it will be interesting to see. By the same token, when I read this story I feel like warning Zarqawi: “You’d better rethink and this.” And I’m reminded of the all American 1st Cavalry Amazon Battalion which was my suggestion, of course, to go get the pineapple grapefruit face down there Manuel Noriega when he was holed up in papal residence down in Panama City. So it could backfire on the poor guy.

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