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I think the death knell for liberalism is being sounded. I can hear it. But the key to it is not changing their minds, though that does happen, but not as a result of that being the objective. There are a whole bunch of factors that cause that to happen and that’s a slow process. But the real committed ones are just as committed as you are to what you believe and you’re not going to change your mind, either, and if you look at it that way you’ll understand it’s not the way to go about it.
So many things need to happen for a full complete victory. Number one is regaining some measure of control or input in the education system, that would be one of the major things that could be done. And it’s being done, and it’s being tried, and there are successes to report in it every day. We have some people who look out at the culture and think, “Rush, you’re full of beans, we’re losing everything, we’re get more decrepit every day. The culture is depraved and so forth.” And it may be when you compare certain elements to others, but overall I think there’s a positive attitudinal shift going on. The idea has to be just, you know, be who we are and let that influence the people we come in contact with and don’t measure your success by how loud or soft liberals get. Because the objective is not to change their minds. And I know that sounds curious, too, and I’m running out of time. “Well, Rush, how we going to win if we don’t change their minds?”
The art of persuasion is a touchy thing. I mean, you’ve been in discussions with people personally and you’re yelling at them and you’re pointing a finger in their face and saying, “You’re wrong!” Never works, that’s not going to change anybody’s mind, unless you’re a parent, and even then you may think you’re winning but your kid grows up and basically tells you, “Screw you.” There’s a way to persuade and the way to do it, one of the best ways to do it, is set up circumstances to which the conclusion is obvious. Let them come to it on their own, therefore they think they’ve realized something. Like Reagan said, “Doesn’t matter who gets the credit, as long as the right thing gets done.” And there are ways to make this happen. Maybe we could discuss this at length someday in a future show, because people ask me this frequently, particularly on Open Line Friday. I’m out of time now, got to go to a break. Thanks for the call.

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