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Now, this is my opinion, but I happen to know that there are a lot of inside the Beltway Democrats who are very uncomfortable with this guy, because he’s not any further ahead than he is. He doesn’t carry the day when he walks into a room, he doesn’t get noticed, he doesn’t fire people up, he doesn’t inspire, he doesn’t motivate, he doesn’t move people emotionally. He’s a dryball, folks. Poor guy, he can’t help it, that’s who he is. We all are who we are and he’s a dryball. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but how many Democrats do you see out there stumping for this guy? How many Senate Democrats, how many House Democrats do you see out there on the campaign trail for this? He’s not well liked. We heard about this late in the primary process when it appeared that he was making a move. He’s not all that liked in the Senate for a host of reasons. He’s not a likable guy. We are who we are. Poor guy can’t help it, that’s just who he is.

So he isn’t engendering a whole lot of support. That’s why all of these outside groups are moving in and that’s why this whole Democrat campaign is based on getting rid of Bush. And I’m telling you, it’s really a crapshoot, folks. I know some of you continue to be pessimistic and negative about this, but you know what we face out there. May I just take a moment and remind you? This is going to tell you how significant a poor choice John Edwards actually is. We are, in effect, in the middle of the Third World war, and it is a religious war. We are at war with extremist Islamists. We are at war with people who are fighting, not just us, they’re trying to exterminate the Jews, they are trying to take over other countries with the immigration policies in those countries being lax, probably would try to do the same thing here. They will use any form of violence they can, they know no limits, they know no rules, this is not conventional war in any way, and we have a Democratic Party, one of the two political parties in this country trying to pretend it’s not happening in this country because their position on it is not a winning position. They’re in an untenable position on this. They have a couple candidates now. Their veep doesn’t even talk about this.

You remember the Meet the Press appearance? We were in Iraq, it had already started, and John Edwards was on Meet the Press and this was a big coming-out appearance, and Russert just asked him question after question after question having to do with foreign policy, what would you do at the UN, how would you handle the situation in Iraq. Every answer was pathetic. Every answer, “Well, we need leadership on this, Tim. We need leadership on this.” Every answer was pathetic, everybody was talking about how he just destroyed his future. He has just made himself out to be a total lightweight outside the courtroom suing some company, he can’t handle it. Cookie, go grab those bites. I forget when this was. I think it was it a year ago in May? Yeah, I think it was a year ago in May. Well, I don’t remember where I was, but something tells me it might have been in Miami, but I don’t recall. I’m just trying to peg when this was. But it was astounding. So you’ve got a guy on the ticket who can’t even answer questions about — well, probably can now — but couldn’t then.
These bites of his appearance on Meet the Press are going to be replayed. Then you’ve got Kerry whose votes and record on national security and intelligence and weapons systems are what they are, and he has opposed them. And the most notable line and, you know, I heard [talking to staff] who was it? Jeff Greenfield said this morning, I think it was this morning, the hours and days are running together as I hopscotch the fruited plain in pursuit of life. But I’m telling you, it was Greenfield, he kept talking about how this one line that Kerry uttered, “I voted for it before I voted against it” is the number 1 most recognizable thing about him, and it’s a negative. And I was sort of surprised to hear this said, coming from the elitist mainstream partisan media.

So things are not well in this campaign and this choice today proves it, but the big issue — and even the Democrats keep talking the big issue is Iraq, they’re trying to, you know, down sell the economy so that people don’t think it’s all that good, but they’re having trouble doing that because it is great. So they’re all talking about Iraq and they’re trying to separate Iraq from the war on terror. It’s all the same thing. Just like we fought Japan and Germany in World War II, at two different places. We were all over the world in World War II, but it was all the same war, we just had different theaters, same thing here, and we’ve got the Democratic Party trying to make believe this war isn’t happening. They are trying to make people believe that Iraq is not part of it, that we are not there for any valid reason, there’s no justification for being there, it’s a total mistake, American soldiers are dying for nothing. Imagine how their parents feel when they hear Democrats say this. They’re dying for nothing. They had been lied to, they’re being sent out to die on the basis of a lie, and John Kerry says he’s never going to lie to the troops when he sends them off to die. They’re going to know why they’re going off to die, yip yip.
Well, they know. They’re signing up. It’s a volunteer army. They know why they’re going. It’s a great generation of young people that are being raised in America today and have been, and to try to say that this war doesn’t exist when it is the number one issue on people’s minds? It’s incomprehensible they could be this politically inept. And so since they don’t have anything they can run on, since they can’t say, “We’ll protect you,” they can’t say,”We’ll defend you, we take the war on terror seriously,” they can’t say it because they’re trying to pretend it doesn’t exist. All they can do is gin up a bunch of propaganda, lies, misstatements, and hatred aimed at George W. Bush and try to get to the independent swing voters who don’t pay attention half the time, don’t know what’s going on, go in and watch a bunch of propaganda, think it’s a real movie, they think it’s real stuff. That’s what they’re relying on. And this choice doesn’t do anything to change that. This choice of Edwards almost amplifies the fact that they’re trying to pretend this war isn’t going on, that there are religious extremists that want to wipe us out. And they’ve taken Spain out. They have nullified Spain. Look how easy it was, and look how they did it.
They engineered a socialist liberal type government being elected, bammo, they own Spain. Spain is no longer a threat to these people. It isn’t going to be long before France — France is never a threat — France is going to surrender. I think I read the other day 20% of the French population is already Muslim. How much of that is militant Islamists moving in under the guise of being peaceful Muslims? Doesn’t take much. Just takes 10 or 12 of them to wreak a little havoc, and who knows how many of them are here. We’ve got open borders, and they’re not all that well controlled. And yet we’ve got one political party who’s not even up to bat, not even on the field in this war. It’s just stunning to me. It really is, and when we get down to what we call the nutcracking time, folks, a little football lingo there, we get down to nutcracking time and I’m talking about November, October and November, all this stuff is going to be what matters, and all this hubbub excitement today of breaking bread and the choice and the Bush ad and McCain this, it’s not going to be the factor. It’s just stunning. I don’t know how else to say this.

Oh, this all started with the vice presidency. And does it matter, and does it help? It doesn’t. Because people don’t vote for the vice president, I don’t care what anybody tells you. Because if people voted for the vice president, the vice president would be leading on the bumper stickers, it would say “vote Edwards-Kerry.” Might be a wise thing for the Democrats to do anyway. Come up with new bumper stickers Edwards-Kerry, put Edwards on top, put Edwards first, whatever, make Edwards bigger than Kerry’s name, put Kerry first but Edwards’ name in a bigger font. See, if that’s what they’re trying to do here, fine. Ferraro really helped Mondale, right? Lord Bentsen really helped Clinton, yeah, it was Bentsen, it was Dukakis. Dukakis didn’t get any help from Lord Bentsen, did he? Where are all these veeps? In fact, if I asked you, if I asked you name for me Michael Dukakis’ veep I’ll bet you couldn’t have done it. I’ll bet you people, see, that’s a good trivial pursuit, that’s right, this was Lloyd Bentsen, who remembers? And the only reason people remember Geraldine Ferraro is because of her husband’s financial problems she had to explain and the fact that she was the first babe that was named to be on the vice presidency — on the ticket as a vice president candidate. So it isn’t that big a deal. I mean, you can sit out there and romanticize and fantasize all you want but it means (raspberry) when you get down to November.

RUSH: I said what I said about the vice presidency but let me throw a possibility out there. Let’s play the game. Let’s say that Bush decides that he wants to jettison Cheney or Cheney says, “Ah, I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being beaten up. I’m not a crook, a corrupt crook. I love Halliburton. I’m getting outta there.” And he picks Giuliani. Now, would Giuliani deliver as a veep? [talking to staff] Oh, he’d deliver New York, too, I think. He certainly would. Would Condoleezza Rice, would Condoleezza Rice deliver? Who would deliver better as a vice president? Giuliani or Condoleezza Rice, do you think? Giuliani — oh, I do too, I do, too. So I mean there are exceptions to this. There’s no question. But the press would have no problem destroying Condoleezza Rice and they would do it. The Democrats would do it. Giuliani would be a tougher thing. But they’d do it. They’d do it. And they’d go personal. They will go personal.

And speaking of which, speaking of which, just to illustrate, I know you don’t need to hear this because you’re smart enough now to figure out yourselves, but if the situation reversed and if it was a Democrat incumbent, we had this long list of vice presidential possibilities, and it came out through polling couple days, couple weeks before the announcement that the front-runner was somebody, you know the press would be in there already doing the media anal before this guy was even chosen, to find out what the candidate knew, didn’t know, whether he was a good choice or not. Well, the media has known that Edwards is the top of the poll list, they’ve known it’s going to be Gephardt or Edwards, and where is the examination? Where is the in-depth media anal? It isn’t there. It’s going to be done by others and it will get out, but there hasn’t been this in-depth examination as there would have been were the situation reversed and it were a Republican challenger and he was naming a veep from a list of people, they would have all been given the microscope treatment.

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