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RUSH: This story does not go away. This is from the Hill today, Capitol Hill newspaper. ” House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) is jumping into the debate over American Forces Radio and Television’s broadcast of conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Democrats don’t want Limbaugh to run on the taxpayer-funded network without parity for liberal talkers. Republicans see nothing wrong with the status quo. The network does not do niche programming; its list lurches across a spectrum of tastes including ‘Hints from Heloise,’ ‘NASCAR Today,’ CNN News Radio and National Public Radio’s (NPR) ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘Morning Edition.’ Though NPR is often accused by the right of tilting to the left, the core of those programs is news, not opinion.”

Weeeell, that’s like saying Peter Jennings doesn’t put his opinion in the news every night. “Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) put a provision into the Defense Department (DoD) appropriation to get more time for views of all sides. Hoyer, said spokesman Stacey Farnen, sees a need for ‘balancing opinion’ and is having staff work on lining up a meeting with DoD folks before deciding on what legislative course to pursue. Fueling the fight over Limbaugh on military radio is the new progressive-funded Media Matters for America, run by converted conservative David Brock. [EIB Parody] The problem, said Feehery, is not Limbaugh but that liberals on radio are ‘not entertaining.’

Maybe Dems will push for [something from Dead Air America] to get time on the network. Feehery said (Speaker of the House Dennis) Hastert will ‘absolutely not’ tolerate tampering with Limbaugh.” Hubba hubba! Well, that makes me feel better. Speaker of the House on my side and I’ve got Ted Stevens on my side and I’ve got Sam Johnson in the House on my side. This is great. It’s amazing. The story does not go away.

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