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Ted Kennedy says that Kerry made a “boffo” decision with John Edwards. He was on with Judy Woodruff yesterday on Inside Politics, CNN. Judy said, “I want to go straight to what President Bush said today. He was asked by reporters, how does John Edwards stack up against Cheney. He said Cheney could be president today, the suggestion being that Edwards can’t.”

KENNEDY: So could John Edwards. John Edwards’ life is a life and experience that all American families can look up to and appreciate, the son of a mill worker, he’s been fighting for the little guy all of his life. What you need, really, in a president, you need judgment, you need character, you need values. John Edwards has demonstrated this time in and time out over the course of his life both in the United States Senate and prior to the time that he came to the United States Senate. He is superbly qualified. The first decision that John Kerry made was just a boffo decision.

RUSH: Well, there you have it. So old Uncle Ted happy with this choice. Can we talk about qualifications for a minute, though? Let’s compare Bush and Edwards. Bush won his party’s primary. (Gasping.) Bush won the election for president, got the most electoral votes. John Edwards hasn’t done that. I mean part of the qualification is getting elected. And Edwards couldn’t even win in the south. You know, folks, we have to remember something. Remember these primaries that Edwards stayed in long after the decision was really over? He only did that for two reasons: One, to enhance his veep credentials, and two, to make it look like a horse race.
I’m not saying there was a deal struck, but if all these candidates, all the legitimate candidates dropped out, I mean Sharpton and — who else is there — Kucinich, I mean the clowns that had no prayer, they are still in there. But Kerry had basically been run unopposed after Iowa and New Hampshire and a couple others, there would have been nothing to cover. But as it was with Edwards on the ballot and the turnout was only 10% in these states, the Democrats in the media, “Whoa! I’ve never seen such unity; we’ve never seen such excitement for a nominee, why, blah, blah, blah.” The only reason that was able to happen is because Edwards hung in there, and he hung in there only to be able to be considered. He never got that many votes, is the point.

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