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RUSH: Well, it’s proving them wrong on all these facts. They’ve got to pretend to ignore it so that nobody focuses on this. You expect these people to admit, “Yeah, we were wrong. Yeah, Al-Qaeda was in there. Saddam was going…” You understand what this Iraq war is to these people? If this goes by the wayside, the Iraq war and the fact we had no business going and shouldn’t be there. It’s an total waste of time and waste of lives and all this. That is the shred by which they have the credibility remaining hangs to their campaign. If that little shred, if that little thread that connects them to this issue gets cut, they’ve been — the economy is going well, the war on terror is going well. They have based everything now on the fact that Iraq was not necessary and further was done for these kooky conspiracy reasons that involve Halliburton and Cheney and Bush and oil and all that. So you don’t really expect them to admit when these lies are made public as lies. “Ooh, sorry. We were wrong about that,” do you?
CALLER: No, but the American people over time, and there is enough time between now and November, to have enough of this purportedly being ignored by everyone, but of course it’s not. Right thinking people understand the truth is just that: the truth, are going to wake up and understand that this is something that was justified. The evidence is clear and that they don’t hold the position that they can ignore these facts and expect to win.
RUSH: Not only that — well, it’s not just that, but if you look at the whole — have you in your personal life, I’ll just repeat this again, in your personal life, have you known somebody that is — that lives in fear, that totally bases their lives on lies, that is full of hatred? Do those people, have you seen them attract large numbers of people to themselves? Have you seen them become leaders? Have you seen them lead movements? Are they individually, independently successful people as you’ve known them, or do they most often than not end up as just bitter, sourpusses, angry at the world, dour attitudes that nobody wants to be around?
CALLER: That’s exactly true. They’ve become a pariah.
RUSH: And you have a whole political party doing this to itself. You have an entire ideology doing this to itself.
CALLER: That’s why it’s a dying ideology.
RUSH: Exactly it’s a dying ideology, so because the mainstream press has joined this ideology in promoting this current world view and group think, people watch it and think that that media influences a lot of people who otherwise would not agree with this sort of outrageous, negative, fear-based behavior, and I don’t think that — may look like it’s now in these polls, but this is not the kind of thing that inspires big mass movements that go on and do great things. There’s nothing “great” that’s going to come out of this kind of mind-set. There’s nothing inspirational or motivational that’s going to come out of the mind-set that has obsessed or possessed these people now. Look it, along the lines with Biden, “Well, okay, maybe there was uranium, yellowcake, maybe that story is true, but there’s a lot that wasn’t true. We’re going to keep focusing on that.”

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