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I don’t know, I think curious things, I guess, but who would want to be president of NOCIRC? Can you imagine aspiring to president of an organization to stamp out circumcision? And can you imagine the kid’s ten, 12, and the family, a grandpop, “So what do you want to be? What do you want to be, Peter, when you grow up?” “Well, I really want to be president of an organization that gets rid of circumcision.” “Oh, that’s a fine ambition, little Peter. Fine ambition. Tell us…” We got the guy that’s in charge, Morgan Downey, in charge of the, what is it? The American Obesity Association, an advocacy group. I guess you didn’t have to grow up specifically wanting to head up a particular organization. You could just want to help people. Yeah, there would probably be a more lucrative position at the American Obesity Association than there would be at NOCIRC, but NOCIRC is still out there, and they got satellite chapters now. They’ve got ’em in Ohio. They do. It’s spread. It has really spread.
Anyway, “In addition to the practical implications of getting insurance to pay for more treatment for being obese, many experts said the move would help counter the stigma that often plagues people who are overweight and obese, encouraging more doctors to treat the problem like other medical conditions and overweight individuals to seek help,” meaning, “It’s not your fault. There’s something wrong about with your hypothalamus. There’s something wrong with your metabolism. There’s something wrong with your parents. There’s something wrong with — it isn’t your fault.” There’s one thing left out of this story that I have to throw in here, and I think it’s more relevant than anything they’ve mentioned here.
The closer they get to this being a disease, the closer they’re going to get to finding things and companies and people that cause it to happen — and then, the John Edwards people of the world, the trial lawyers, our old buddies are going to be going in there and suing these people out of business because of what we’ve just learned after gazillions of years of the human condition. “Why, we’ve just found out that prairie farmers growing grain and bleaching it and having to re-input all those nutrients have lead to a legion of obese Americans. Why, we need reparations for people who died at age 25 in the 1930s because they didn’t know any better.” Ah, you can imagine where this is going to go. Yeah, that’s right. The cure for obesity will be in the rain forest. You can’t cut down the rain forest because the cure for AIDS is going to be in there.

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