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CALLER: Yeah, I’d like to know what you think hearing USA Today report the Al-Qaeda and Iran context that were made and the 9/11 commission report and how you think the U.S. should approach Iraq, publicly or privately.
RUSH: Well, first thing is I’m not — before — let me show you what’s going on with this right now. Rob, I appreciate the question, get the answer on the air. I’m going to have to take a break before I get into this in great detail, but I appreciate the question. We have put together a montage of Katie Couric today on the Today Show was interviewing James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA, and her series of questions here in our montage will give you a great illustration of how the opponents of the president are now seeking to use this so-called new information. “Why, Iran might be involved with terrorism? Why, why, who woulda thought that?” So this is some earth-shattering new development to people and it’s illustrated in this montage of questions.
COURIC: There is new evidence that Iran, not Iraq, but Iran provided safe passage for eight to ten of the 14 hijackers. Iranian officials proposed a collaborating relationship with Al-Qaeda. Did the United States invade the wrong country? Might the United States or the war on terrorism have been better served if attention had been focused on Iran?
RUSH: All right. So the effort here is to — see, you have to understand about this. The left’s whole hope, their last hope for winning this election resides on proving that Iraq was unnecessary; that it was a conspiracy; that it’s all about oil for Bush and Cheney and Halliburton, that any information that comes out that says, “We didn’t need to go to Iraq,” is going to do Bush in and going to launch us, and so now the real question is, to people who want to point to Iran, all right, what are we going to do about it? What would do you about it? You want to invade Iran, is that what you’re saying Bush should have done? You think preemptive action in Iran…? We didn’t know this? What you know now back when we went into Iraq, is this what we should do? Or did he mention Iran in the original axis-of-evil statement and say it’s on the list and this is going to take a long time? That’s the way to answer this. It isn’t a big deal and don’t let people make it a big deal. This is not news.

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