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RUSH: You know, one of the things that consistently bothers me, and has for the length of time I’ve been hosting this program, is this whole discussion of global warming. Now, stick with me on this. I’ve been through this, but there’s a new development out there. We touched on it a little bit last week, and there’s even more news about it today. We have people who believe in — to me — a very conflicting view that they have. On the one hand we are awesomely powerful people. Why, just by virtue of our inventions we can destroy the ecosystem, air conditioners, automobiles, jet planes, who knows, that can destroy the ecosystem. We couldn’t create if we wanted to. We couldn’t create this miracle if we had the best minds pooled into one brain, we can’t do it — and yet using the tools we were given as part of creation, we can destroy it? Unh-uh. I don’t buy it. Even nuclear weapons wouldn’t destroy it. It would just redefine it. Might destroy us. But it wouldn’t destroy this — and life would go on, and it would metamorphosis and it would come up in different forms, but it would not be destroyed. Not suggesting we annihilate anybody. I’m just trying to make a point here.

On the other hand, after they say that, they proclaim us — and, by the way, we’re so powerful we can’t cut down trees, we might be destroying the cure for AIDS in there, but the tree can’t tell us it’s there. We have to find it. Yet we’re incompetent at the same time. We’re incapable; we’re incompetent; we’re just a bunch of boobs; we don’t know what’s best for us, but we can destroy the environment. So we’ve had this global warming argument, going on since 1975. If you go back and look at a Newsweek cover in 1975, there was a panic story on global cooling. We were heading into an ice age in ’75. Then somebody got hold of the idea that politically that wouldn’t make any sense. “If we say there’s global warming and blame humanity for it, who do we actually blame? Who’s doing all this inventing? Who’s doing all this technological advancement? It’s the United States.” You can’t say, given their theory that anyplace in Africa or central or South America is destroying the environment. They don’t have enough air conditioners. They don’t have enough cars. They don’t have enough factories. No. So what is it? It’s an attack on us. It’s an attack on our exceptionalism. It’s an attack on our abundance, an attack on our prosperity, an attack on our freedom. You look at the Kyoto protocol, it targets us. We’ve got to back down, we are blamed for all this.

Last week and into the news today comes the news that the sun is hotter and has been hotter than in recent measurements the last 60 years. And guess what? Some people are begrudgingly now, begrudgingly admitting that the sun may actually have more of an impact on temperatures than our cars, and our factories and smokestacks — can you believe it? It might, it’s not proven. We’ve got to investigate, but it is possible the sun could be a factor. (Gasping.) No! Why, that’s as stunning as the fact that somebody just figured out that Iran is involved in terrorism! Man, what are we learning today, folks. You ought to feel really happy. Our information quotient is skyrocketing, the things we’re learning — like the sun! Wouldn’t it be funny if all of this so-called global warming which is a minute increase in overall world temperature anyway, is in fact caused by a hyperactive sun? (Gasping.) What are we going to do? Oh, no! We can’t stop it. We don’t have enough fire trucks to send up there to put it out.

Well, no, don’t give me this, Mr. Snerdley. (talking to program observer) You know, you can start playing provocateur all you want, Mr. Snerdley, the official program observer. Yes, but Rush, you’re forgetting something: “Why is the sun hotter?” Oh, really? The sun’s hotter because of man. Predominantly American man. The sun is hotter because — really? Is that the length they’re going to have to go to? I just say this, folks. I bring all this up because it offends me to sit here and listen to an attack on the greatness of this country, an unceasing attack. It has been going on for as long as I’ve been paying attention. The attack specifically aimed at what it is that sets us apart, what it is that makes us great, and what it is that allows us to share our bounty with the rest of the world is under assault and it takes many forms and global warming and the blame affixed to us is just but one of those techniques. It boggles the mind.

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