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These things always get out. In fact, I don’t know how the lid was kept on this for as long as it has been. This has been going on since January. But all of this is intended to draw attention away from Berger’s conduct and its implications. And I can assure you again that if this were about Condi Rice, you wouldn’t hear Gergen or anybody else concerned about the timing of the leak or the AP story. We’d be interested in “the seriousness of the charge.” Sandy Berger, I understand, is toying with a statement. His lawyer and he are sweating over this one, don’t know whether it will happen. Says he wants to make one thing clear: He did not have relations with those documents in his pants, and now he wants to be left alone to go back and do the work for the American people. (Laughing.) Trying to maintain my composure here.BREAK TRANSCRIPT

RUSH: I just love this timing of-the-leak business. That’s what we gotta focus on. The timing of the leak, not what Sandy Berger did, but the timing of the leak. Nature of the evidence doesn’t matter; seriousness of the charge, irrelevant. So let me ask a question. Can we expect numerous congressional hearings, allegations of obstruction and cover-up from the left? Demands to know if Burglar ever spoke about this with Clinton or Kerry? Can we expect any of this? No, not when the New York Times puts it on page 17, the Washington Post buries it even deeper. Although I have to say CNN was hard on this today. CNN was actually pursuing this today. I must give them credit, and so was Fox.

Now, you put this on top of Joe Wilson lying about the things he’s lied about — and he was on CNN today this morning, by the way. I mean, I think this shows just how far some of these people will go to protect themselves and destroy their opponents and to hell with the country. I thought that the 9/11 Commission was about getting to the truth. No, folks, I did. I’m an idealist here and I want what’s best for the country and my fellow citizens and I thought the 9/11 Commission was not about Republicans or Democrats. I thought it was about getting to the bottom of this and finding out what went wrong so that we can use what the brilliant members of the commission learn in order to prevent something like this from happening again. I didn’t know that this was about protecting former administrations and current administrations and so forth.

It just isn’t what they taught me in government class when I was in high school. Now, I want to also see — and I know — what’s going to happen here. Let’s just see, though, if this is a major scandal. Let’s just see if it receives one-tenth the attention of the Abu Ghraib Prison abuse scandal. The Ted Kennedys and Carl Levins and Dick Durbins won’t say a word, just as they said nothing about Joe Wilson — and although it may not sound like it, ladies and gentlemen, because I am a highly trained broadcast specialist and therefore very fluent and very linguistic, I still am having some difficulty putting the importance of this in words. Try again: Clinton’s right-hand man at national security is sent to the archives to go through the papers. This man sent by Clinton — and it’s Berger’s own words, he was doing this on behalf of the Clinton administration. There is no “Clinton administration” anymore, at the time he’s ordered to do this.

So he’s sent over there by Clinton. He sought to derail and obstruct the 9/11 investigation is what he did. He removed government property in the form of top-secret information and disposed of some of it, presumably the most important, yet damning, information. The conduct of the 9/11 commissioners over the past several months calls into question the independence of this report, but Berger’s action calls the accuracy of its information into question now. I mean, if this had been Condi Rice, she’d be wearing an orange jumpsuit already. She’d be in the cell next to Martha Stewart. This would be splashed on the front pages of every major newspaper. Democrats would be demanding hearings and trying to tie the conduct to the president.

As I’ve said, from the investigation into the mythical October Surprise to Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill, all we heard was, ‘The seriousness of the charge is what demands that we take this seriously. The seriousness of the charge is what demands that we investigate this.’ There was no evidence of any October Surprise with Bush (41) going to France. There was no evidence to suggest any of this with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, just ‘serious charges.’ That serious charge, we had to take it seriously.

Now, the same parameters are not allowable. This is a serious charge, but, ‘Nah, no, no, no,’ and the nature of the evidence? ‘Nah, no, no, no.’ Now we got to investigate ‘the timing of the leak. According to David Gergen the timing of the leak, that’s the controversy here? That’s the scandal? No, it’s not. What Berger did, what he’s done with what he did, is the scandal. Just want the truth, and if some aren’t interested, we’re going to act even more so.



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