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Now, I could be wrong. Of course, I could be wrong. It’s highly unlikely. I seldom am. I am wrong so inseldomly that when I am wrong I’m proud to admit it. It doesn’t happen very much. But this is highly suspicious, so cut to the chase here: What did he take? “Well, Rush, it’s classified. It’s really secret.” Well, let’s give us some idea of what it is here, and then we can find out why. When we know what it is that’s missing for sure, we will know why he was sent in there to get it and we will know why it is missing. Now, in Denver signing his book at a book tour, Clinton had this to say about the controversy surrounding his foreman aide, Sandy Burglar.

CLINTON: I believe his explanation. He did a fabulous job against terrorism. All those records were documented and the only question involved what we did in the lead up to the millennium where we had no terrorist incidents and we prevented a lot of them. So I think that you know, he just cooperated, said he’s going to do it, but that man worked his heart out for eight years, and he was there for, you know, all day, 10:12 hours, four days in a row, and he said what happened, and I have no reason not to believe him.

RUSH: Well, that’s not all Clinton said. He said (laughing) yeah, we were all laughing about it here. Well, people don’t know Sandy might find it hard to believe but all of us who have been in his office have found him buried beneath papers, I mean the guy is just a slob, he’s just a mess, and we all laughed about this. I wish I knew who leaked it, that’s the interesting thing to me, it’s interesting timing. I feel terrible for Sandy out there but I just believe his explanation because I know how much he cared about this terrorism business. Terrorism business? I mean he worked harder than anybody — how often we hear that phrase, I’m telling you, folks, we hear Clinton say, he worked so hard, I mean worked his heart out for eight years. I never worked harder in my life than trying to get that middle-class tax cut, but I just can’t do it, there’s just no money for it, we just can’t afford it. Any time I hear that phrase, I think “cover-up.” I think Mack McLarty. I think Web Hubbell. You go back. We can’t get rid of this administration, and every time something comes up with this administration, it has always involved pants. It’s always something to do with below the waist. It’s just – it’s uncanny. We have one more bite from Clinton. This is again at his book signing in Denver.

CLINTON: Well, it’s an interesting timing. The innocent explanation is the most likely one, particularly give and the facts involved. And I know him, he’s a good man, he’s worked his heart out for this country and did everything he could to protect it. So I’m confident he’ll be fine.

RUSH: It’s not about him right now. It’s about what the document said and why it was taken out of there. This guy was the head of the National Security Agency. He knows the rules. There were witnesses to him stuffing the stuff in his pants, by the way. They’re out there trying to say, “He didn’t do that. This is all a bunch of old wives’ tales,” but they are witnesses to it who saw it. This is really closely guarded stuff. There are people watching you when you are in the National Archives with classified documents. He goes in there five times. He took something out. We got a pretty good idea what it is. We’d like to know what it is. We’d like to see this document released, and just like the 9/11 Commission Democrats kept having a conniption fit over that August 6 PDB, presidential daily brief. Those were never released. They never are, but the White House relented to quell the controversy.

We really do need to go back to calling this “the Party of Clinton,” folks. John Kerry is not even a factor here. This is the party of Bill Clinton. We need to make character an issue. Is Kerry going to run on this mantle? Classified information was secretly removed from the archives in likely violation of federal law, and what’s Bill Clinton doing but laughing about it. Is John Kerry laughing about it, too? Is he prepared to swear to uphold the law should he become president? Look it, Clinton’s laughing. Let’s consider the source. The law never meant much to him anyway — and let’s face it, what Berger did is nothing compared to what Clinton did. Clinton saw to it that the ChiComs got nuke and missile technology from us via contributors of his. Now he’s a character witness for Berger and laughing at the law? Well, that’s really a great character witness. About the only thing Clinton can help us here is that he, too, had his own pants problem, he’s an expert so maybe he can tell us what Berger was doing in there.



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