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This says it all. Berger had four different chances to get bin Laden, and he nixed all four because he feared killing anyone, or the world reaction. They’re more worried about what people think of us than they are in our safety. Along the same lines, our buddies as Newsmax have an audiotape of Bill Clinton speaking in New York to a business group admitting that the Sudanese offered bin Laden on a silver platter and he rejected. The former president has always denied the offer ever happened. Now that Newsmax has produced a tape, and what’s Clinton’s reaction?

Oh, he was confused! He was wrong, and he in fact never did get that offer. Folks, affixing blame is not going to do anything to change what happened. The real question is: ‘How are we going to deal with these people going forward?’ We’ve got a blueprint for how not to do it now. Clinton clearly says, ‘Well, (bin Laden) was expelled from Saudi Arabia in ’91. He went to live in the Sudan, the Sudanese wanted America to start dealing with them again, and they released him at that time, again, he committed no crime against America. I don’t want to bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him.’

Well, that comes out of left field! It’s not ‘I didn’t want to go capture him.’ It’s he didn’t want to take him. Sounds like Osama was offered to me, doesn’t it? This appears to be different than what Berger was in the National Archives looking form, which I think showed evidence on the millennium bomb plot. This is interesting. Does this mean we don’t need to see the documents he stole? Yes, we do! Former Clinton administration officials pushed this myth to the 9/11 Commission that their great plan filed that plot. In fact, it was just good police work by a single customs agent.

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