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Because they don’t trust you to “vote the right way,” meaning they don’t trust you to elect them, and that’s what leads me to Baghdad Jim McDermott, which is what this story is really all about. “Many lawmakers say the court is among the most important issues up for consideration this fall.” There’s no question about that. But Baghdad Jim McDermott of Washington said, “noting the court’s check-and-balance power.” The court’s check-and-balance power? If that’s the way he wants to look at it, but that’s… You will not find the courts as check-and-balance power, in the original intent. He said, “Given what this administration has done, both in Congress and the presidency, the courts are now our last hope. If George W. Bush is elected and guts the court, all hope is lost for everybody. What he’s saying here is that only the courts can save liberalism,” and he’s right, because the American people will never elect it. They will never vote for it, not on a national basis, not when they know that it’s what’s being offered.
Liberalism has to mask itself and camouflage itself. They can’t even be honest about their label. They call themselves “progressives” or “moderates” or what have you to hide what they really are. Call ’em a liberal and check their reaction. They freak out and panic because you’ve correctly identified them. If you go look at some of the things that have become part of the fabric of our society, you won’t find that a majority of those liberal type things have found their way into our society via ballot box or the votes of the elected representatives of the people, but rather by activist judges in the federal court system. Abortion became the law of the land because some Supreme Court justices “found” that there was a right to have an abortion in the Constitution. Busing, affirmative action, quotas — all of these things are part of our fabric because of activist judge’s ruling on the basis of what they think should be in the Constitution as opposed to what is in it, and it is because the courts have been the primary vehicle driving liberalism through our society.
They were rightly afraid of losing at the courts a majority which would help them do this, and McDermott is being patently, boldly honest here. The courts are the last chance for liberalism, because it does not win in the minds and hearts of the people. It just doesn’t. We wouldn’t have forced busing, affirmative action, a lot of these things if they had been debated by the elected representatives of the people in front of the country where all input could have been registered and the votes of our elected officials could have been influenced by some of the feedback they got, couldn’t happen in a number of these things. How about some of the liberalism that exists within the public school system? It’s just there because the people running that system have taken over, and they have sort of just enforced it as part of the curriculum. If it were up to a vote, it wouldn’t happen — and they know it. Hence they need the courts. Thank you, Baghdad Jim, being honest about it. It also opens our eyes a little bit, sheds some more light on the extent of the fear they face going into this election. I think they fear what might happen, because there are going to be a lot of vacancies, at least two and maybe four on the U.S. Supreme Court. With Bush — well, maybe four, possibly three, but certainly two, and with Bush nominating their replacements, that’s almost as much panic as Iraq to these people, if not more.

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