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RUSH: We were talking here among us ourselves at the top of the hour about something. You know, a number of you people have written and have called and asked me, “When the Democrats lose, what are they going to do?” and the first thing they’re going to do, I just want to warn you is, they’re going to try to impeach Bush over this Abu Ghraib thing. That’s why they’re keeping this alive. If they lose, don’t expect them to go away. They’re going to try to impeach Bush. We’ve already heard rumblings about that. That’s what I think. I mean, that’s just my opinion, but I think that they’re going to do everything they can to get him out of office if there is a clear-cut election victory this time, which there will be, by the way. On that, there is a great column today, almost a Limbaugh Echo Syndrome, Zev Chafetz of the New York Daily News, has a <a target=new href=”http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/218908p-188030c.html”>great piece</a> which I will share with you as the program unfolds today about why he thinks Bush is going to win big, and it’s fascinating.
But beyond that let’s take a look beyond what they’re going to do afterwards. Let’s talk about their psyche when they lose, their frame of mind. We have to admit, folks, they have thrown everything plus the kitchen sink at Bush for the last three-and-a-half years, but if you look at the intensity of the last nine months, they have fired up virtually every missile in their arsenal, and they’ve launched it, and there are I’m sure more that they haven’t launched that are yet no come. They’ve got the Michael Moore documentary; they’ve got this to <a target=new href=”http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5567879/site/newsweek/”>book</a> on how assassinate Bush; they’ve got the Clarke book; they’ve got the Woodward book; they’ve got 60 Minutes devoting hours to both of these books. They’ve got the 9/11 Commission hearing which they hoped and thought would bring Bush down. They have now these rock musicians. You’ve got Meryl Streep and her movie The Frenchurian Candidate.
I mean, Hollywood is mobilizing is. They’re out there. In fact, there’s a story lawmakers want sanctions on the Fox News Channel. Isn’t there something called freedom of the press out there? This is unprecedented. I’ll get to that here in due course here as well, but the point of all this is this. When you, as a group of people — let’s say “when they” — round up everything they’ve got from the Hollywood entertainment — and, by the way, all branches of it, movies, books, music, concerts — then you’ve got these comedians and individual stars going out and doing what they’ve been doing, and then you get the Moore documentary, which, by the way, played to standing O’s in Cuba. Now, I’ll tell you. If I produce a documentary and the Cubans love it, I’m going to be worried. It’s not exactly the kind of people I want on my side. The Democrats don’t care. I mean, “Castro wants to join us? Come on in, Fidel!” So they’re willingly accepting help from Castro on this, whatever help they think he can provide them.
Now, all of this, everything they’ve got, and they lose, what will their attitude be? One of the things that you know they’re going to say is, “Good gosh, what more could we have done? All of our power bases, all of our spheres of influence, all of their areas of dominant influence in this culture that we own, and we launched it at this guy and we still lost?” What will they think? They’re going to be devastated. They are going to be beside themselves. They’re going to be pulling their hair out. They’re going to be questioning themselves. They’re going to be doubting themselves. Now, it doesn’t mean they’re going to slink away, quite the contrary. They are probably going to think they just didn’t do quite enough, just like the Soviets just didn’t quite have enough time. “The Soviets just didn’t quite have enough money. The war on poverty, it just wasn’t properly funded.” I mean, they’re even knowingly now violating the campaign finance reform laws.
It’s <a target=new href=”http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2001988026_donorside25m.html”>in the stack</a> here, too. Somebody says, “Well, we do what we have to do to win. We’re not going to let some law stand in the way,” don’t use the word law, but “not going to let some restriction stand in the way.” The point is they’re firing everything they’ve got and they are trailing in the polls now. The idea that they might lose this has, I’m sure, dawned on them and has for a while, and when it happens, with everything they’ve launched, they are going to be questioning themselves. “What more could we have done?” and the answer is, “Nothing, because we fired everything we got. We gave it the best of what we think we have, and we lose. What does it say?” Oh, these people are going to be — there’s going to be a need for mass therapy out there for these people. Keep a sharp eye, but don’t rule out what I think is a very good likelihood and that is an attempt to gin up impeachment hearings on Bush vis-?-vis Abu Ghraib.

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