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‘John Kerry eats dove, even better, he shoots them, from behind the stalks of a southern cornfield he’ll watch them flutter and dart, then he’ll fire. ‘You clean ’em, you let ’em hang, takes three or four birds to have a meal,’ Kerry said, ‘You might eat it at a picnic, cold, roasted, I love to eat dove.” Now, this is over a year old. This story is about 13 months ago. I just want to read to you the last — one, two, three, four — five short little paragraphs here.

‘And who is he, really?

‘A close associate hints: There’s a secret compartment in Kerry’s briefcase. He carries the black attaché everywhere. Asked about it on several occasions, Kerry brushed it aside. Finally, trapped in an interview, he exhaled and clicked open his case. ‘Who told you?’ he demanded as he reached inside. ‘My friends don’t know about this.’

‘The hat was a little mildewy. The green camouflage was fading, the seams fraying.
‘My good luck hat,’ Kerry said, happy to see it. ‘Given to me by a CIA guy as we went in for a special mission in Cambodia.’

‘Kerry put on the hat, pulling the brim over his forehead. His blue button-down shirt and tie clashed with the camouflage. He pointed his finger and raised his thumb, creating an imaginary gun. He looked silly, yet suddenly his campaign message was clear: Citizen-soldier. Linking patriotism to public service. It wasn’t complex after all; it was Kerry.

‘He smiled and aimed his finger: ‘Pow.’

Now, we found this. The important thing about this is that in a story that’s 13 months old, there’s a reference to John Kerry having made a secret mission in Cambodia with a CIA guy. Thirteen months ago.

Now, you can look at this one of two ways. Either they knew that somebody was going to charge he had never been in Cambodia after he made a big thing about it in 1986, or he was in Cambodia on a secret CIA mission. So there you have it. I just want to put it out there because that’s a latest charge from the swift boat veterans. Well, it’s actually from the book, Unfit To Serve, that he’d never been in Cambodia. He lied about it. Just to keep you up to speed on what’s going to break.


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