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By the way, Dick Morris has a Limbaugh Echo Syndrome column today in the New York Post about the reason the administration gave up the name of the Al-Qaeda computer hacker that we had co-opted, was working with us on a sting operation. And he decries the partisanship of the country where this kind of serious information is not believed. Fox News has a poll that one-third (poll results) of the Americans simply believe all of this terrorist stuff is made up. One-third of the people in this country believe that all of this is made up by Bush for political benefit only.
And Morris points out in his piece, which is a Limbaugh Echo Syndrome piece, that he has worked in the White House. It’s impossible to gin up a political operation of this type. Too many people would know that it’s phony. Too many people would know it’s fake. They used a New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevey. They brought him in on it because of one of his buildings in Newark was targeted. He would have to be in on the conspiracy to make this a political move for Bush. Morris correctly points out — it’s not possible to have this many people in this many different areas of security all co-opted in a conspiracy and all of them be on the same page with Bush and all of them refuse to blow the whistle. It’s just not possible. And the point is these are serious threats, when one-third of the country does not believe it because of the partisan nature.

And he also goes back, and to be fair, he blames Republicans in the nineties for their hatred of Clinton, for maybe causing Clinton not to have full ability to go after bin Laden then because he was have been accused of wagging the dog or distracting attention from Monica or impeachment and he claims that it doesn’t stop Bush. That’s the point. No fear of any political attack is stopping Bush from doing what he thinks is right. Morris does have a corollary, and I’ve gotten sidetracked. I’ll get to it in just a second.
But here’s the pi?ce de r?sistance in the Bill Gertz piece. “Additionally, U.S. intelligence officials said they think that several Al-Qaeda terrorists already in the United States are part of the plot, although their identities and locations are not known.

“The targets, in addition to the financial institutions in New York, Washington and Newark, N.J., that have been the subject of public warnings, include such economic-related targets as oil and gas facilities with a view toward disrupting the November election.
“‘The goal of the next attack is twofold: to damage the U.S. economy and to undermine the U.S. election,’ the official said.’The view of al Qaeda is “anybody but Bush.”‘”
“The view of al Qaeda is ‘anybody but Bush.'” Now, if this is correct, if this intelligence data is correct, and if this what Al-Qaeda is planning, and if bin Laden is waiting to give the order, and that’s what this all adds up to, if this is true, and we’ll just play it out because this is what they’re telling us, if this is true, they are going to try to pull a redo of Spain in this country with the objective of getting Bush thrown out. Anybody but Bush.

Now, “Anybody but Bush” just happens to be a slogan used by the left. “Anybody but Bush” happens to just perfectly explain why they support Kerry. You go out and ask your average Democrat voter why you’re voting for Kerry, the answer you get back: Anybody but Bush. Now, granted, this is an intelligence official, not bin Laden using the slogan, but they think that if bin Laden is going to launch an attack or Al-Qaeda is going to launch an attack on this massive a scale prior to the election, they’re obviously trying to affect the election, and the conclusion is that they’d like to get rid of Bush.

Now, I wonder why? If this is true, and I’m just asking here, if this is true, why would they want to get rid of Bush? (Program Observer Interruption) Maybe to survive? Of course, Mr. Snerdley. Way to go. To survive. They’d much rather have some softy, who’s going to farm out our security to internationalist organizations and others, like John Kerry. So we’ll see. We have all this data that has come in now, all this intelligence, and we’ll just have to see if this is enough to stop it, to prevent it. That’s a tall order. We’ll see.

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