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The way to look at all this is all the 527 PACs, they just placed the parties used to give unlimited donations to the parties called soft money and the parties would use them as they saw fit, and McCain-Feingold said, “That’s dirty. That’s too much money in politics. That’s too partisan. It’s too negative. We can’t do that.” So they wanted to limit the soft money, so they left a loophole for the creation of 527s that’s not going to the party is now going to these, you know, 527 groups. But the stipulation in the loophole is, there cannot be any coordination. Bush can’t tell these people to stop running the swiftvet ad any more than Kerry can tell the 527 people of MoveOn.org to stop running theirs. He can’t “disavow it.” He can’t do anything about it; can’t say a word about it, otherwise he’s violating the law. They know this. It’s in their ad copy, but they’re just trying to give it impression that Bush is actually behind the ad which isn’t the case, but I still note that in this ad they do not attempt to refute any of the charges made by the swift vets.
All they’re saying is that, “This was dishonorable because McCain says it’s dishonorable and Bush ought to pull this ad. This is horrible,” in the middle of regurgitating for, what? the fifth time, this notion that Bush was AWOL from the National Guard. They had nothing new. They can’t refute, apparently, what the swiftvets are saying. They try to do it with pictures and an impression, but they don’t do it with facts and that’s what has everybody here so upset about within the Kerry campaign over what appears to be an unraveling. And it really does, to a lot of people. This Cambodia thing and some other things about the campaign, some people think that it’s unraveling and not going anywhere. By the way, there are some people on the Bush side that think that campaign is not going any great shakes either. However, Karen Hughes is back. She has just joined the Bush campaign and I think that we’ll see some positive up-ticks from that. She’s just that good.

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