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And so last night, the Fox News Channel played a tape from one of Kerry’s advisors, Tad Devine. I’ve noticed something about this guy. You’re not supposed to say things like this, folks, but I can’t help it. Because this is one of those guys the Kerry campaign puts out there to spread the message. It just looks like he has a constant sneer on his face. His facial expression looks like he’s sneering. I saw him last night. He was on Matthews’ show, Hardboiled, and he was on with Matt Dowd, who’s from the Bush-Cheney committee, and they were arguing about something else, but this Tad Devine, I mean just looks like he’s sneering. You know, all these Kerry people look like they’re mad at the world and mean and all these celebrity supporters out there mad at the world and mean and all the Michael Moores — you just wonder, this does not seem to me to be the recipe for going out and spreading the love and compassion and good vibes and all that.

Anyway, I got off the beaten path there for a moment. Asked Tad Devine about this, wait a minute, you guys are saying that your candidate, Senator John Kerry, was the vice-chairman of the intelligence committee, and you’re wrong it was Bob Kerrey. (Laughing.) Just unbelievable.

Folks, is there any wonder why people are looking into the four different versions now of the Cambodia story? (Laughing.) And, by the way, there are beginning to be some cracks in the mainstream press. There are a couple columnists here today, one in Houston, beginning to wonder where his colleagues are investigating these charges. So there’s pressure being applied to the mainstream elite partisan media. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but people are beginning to note.

Anyway here’s what Tad — here — oh, is that what it was? Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve just been told the Kerry campaign has put out a statement: Kerry was the secret vice chairman of the Intelligence committee, and it’s seared in his mind that he was secret vice-chairman of the committee. (Laughing.) You know, we sit here and laugh, but we’re getting into this gray area here where we need professional, licensed analysts to explain this behavior to us, ladies and gentlemen. To say that he was the vice-chairman of the committee? And, you know, this is not a mistake. They’re trying to get away with something. They’re trying to get away with something, thinking people aren’t going to look, hat they’re just going to automatically take the Kerry campaign’s word. Anyway, here’s what Tad Devine had to say when he was asked about this.

DEVINE: I’ll have to check the with issues people. It was my understanding he was but, you know, if that’s not a factual case, I’m sure we’ll be happy to correct the record.

RUSH: You will? Be happy to correct the record? How about correct the mistake? How about sending somebody to the woodshed for this. Whose fault is it? Of course, it will never be the candidate’s fault, he didn’t put this up on the website, because he never was the vice-chairman. Everybody knows that. They’ll blame the conductor of the train; they’ll blame the speechwriter or somebody.

Last night, I have to tell you this because this Devine guy was, as I said, on Hardball with Chris Matthews, and one of the things that they were discussing/debating was the hateful rhetoric that is reverberating on the left in this country, and Devine’s answer to it was (paraphrasing), ‘Well, it’s Bush’s fault. Bush is the most partisan president in the history of the country. And he is causing all this hatred. We don’t blame our people for this. We understand it.’ Just unbelievable. I mean even the people who are engaging in this hateful, irrational behavior themselves are not responsible for it. It’s Bush’s fault.

Anyway, we’ve got the documentation here. I guess we could put this on the website. ‘John Kerry is an experienced leader in the intelligence field. John Kerry served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for eight years as the former vice-chairman of the committee,’ is what it says on the website. And he’s not. It’s Bob Kerrey.

You know, this just follows a series of — what are we going to call them, lies, misstatements, mistakes, what have you — all over Kerry’s website about his Christmas in Cambodia. And this just gives more ammo, and I think it gives more weight and adds more curiosity to the charges that are made in the book Unfit for Command.

You know, I joke when I say that we need licensed, professional help to help us analyze this. I’m half serious when I say this. You know, real and imaginary are totally interchangeable to this guy. Real can become imaginary, imagine carry can be real. If he thinks he was there, he was there. I’m not highly trained enough in this field to be able to define this or explain to you what it is, but I mean beyond the fact that somebody’s fantasizing. And I think we may have a case of a candidate here who engages in fantasies and has all this life, and if he thinks that he did it, he did it. If he thinks he was vice-chairman he was vice-chairman. If he was in Cambodia on Christmas, then he was. And don’t tell him wasn’t because he’ll say, (Kerry impression) ‘I don’t lie, and I don’t make things up, and I don’t fall on the ski slopes.’ Remember that one? And of course we haven’t even gotten to the story, he flew his hairdresser out there, once again, to trim his locks. Actually, you know, I was kind of surprised that made big news. I mean, I fly my stylist to New York all the time when I can’t get it done here. I thought everybody did that.


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