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BS, folks. There’s nothing in it for these people to go there. Especially after he’s in the White House. What’s he going to do, then? There’s nothing they can do, anyway. The French are standing side by side just watching the starvation going on in Sudan; they’re not doing anything about it. The French stood away and looked at what was going on in Rwanda, didn’t do anything about it. There’s no magic to French troops. What’s the last thing the French won? I mean they’re more known for their surrenders, aren’t they? When’s the last time the Germans won? (Laughing.) Gotcha. What is it? What’s the magic with these people? What’s wrong, we can’t do the job? This is astounding to me.

All right. Now, I want you to listen to this. We’ve got these bites ready to go here again. And it’s — it just approves that the whole presidential campaign of John Kerry and the Democrats is oriented around Iraq. That’s the thing that they just hope goes wrong. That’s the thing that they want to focus on because that’s where Bush lied, and that’s where Bush took us and we shouldn’t have gone and that’s where American soldiers are dying and they’re waiting to count up the 1,000th soldier’s death as a milestone because they think that’s going to be a big deal to hurting Bush and so forth. So here we go again. Now, I’ve set it up. Now listen.

KERRY: I…know…what…we…have…to do in Iraq. We need a president who has the credibility to bring our allies to our side, because that’s the right way to get the job done in Iraq and bring our troops home. Finally, I want to say something about the plan that the president announced on Monday to withdraw 70,000 troops from Asia and Europe. Nobody wants to bring troops home more than those of us who have fought in foreign wars. But it needs to be done at the right time and in a sensible way. This is not that time or that way. Let’s be clear. The president’s vaguely stated plan does not strengthen our hand in the war on terror. It in no way relieves the strain on our overextended military personnel. It doesn’t even begin until 2006 —

RUSH: Well, what are you complaining about it for?

KERRY: —and then it takes ten years to achieve, and this hastily announced plan raises more doubts about our conventions and our commitment than it provides real answers.

RUSH: I’m telling you, folks, we have an identity crisis staring at us and it’s called John Kerry. He doesn’t know who he is. It’s not only he doesn’t know who he is from day to day. He doesn’t know who he is from paragraph to paragraph in a single speech. We’re gonna bring the troops home in Iraq and we’re going to get the French and the Germans and our allies to take over.

Then he says this is a hastily drawn plan. What do you mean? We’re going to bring troops home? It doesn’t start till 2006, and it takes ten years to achieve. This is vaguely stated. This is not right. This is not smart. On the one hand he says this is “hasty action” and then he says it doesn’t start till 2006. It’s going to take ten years. Uh, this is why, ladies and gentlemen, you need a clear-thinking individual like me to be able to keep track of all this for you, because this is actually a jigsaw puzzle.

Kerry did not deliver a speech today. He threw the pieces of himself out there on the floor at the VFW and we’re here trying to put ’em back together in a way that makes sense because when the pieces get put together the way he wants them we still have a jigsaw puzzle that is unassembled. This is a mind-boggling speech. We’re gonna bring the troops home from Iraq. We’re going to get our allies who have nothing to gain, and they’ve never said they’re going to go. Has anybody gone and asked them? Some people have. You know, there have been some European journalists have gone over there and asked some of these foreign leaders, “Uh, you gonna help Kerry?” They’re all saying no.
We had the story for you last week. You know, but I would think, after he keeps saying this, I would think there would be some enterprising American elite partisan media journalist to go over there and say, “Hey, Mr. Chirac, Senator Kerry is pretty much pledging your country to go to Iraq and take over for us,” and I’d go to Gerhard Schroeder and I’d say, “Senator Kerry is pledging your country to join the French in Iraq and basically take over for us till we can bring our troops home. Is that the plan?” I’d like to know what these guys would say if they were asked that question. We know what the answer is, and this is all BS. This is just smoke and mirrors. This whole business of alliances anyway, we’ve got allies over there. Every time he makes a speech like this he insults the people that are there helping us out and there are 30 nations or more who have contributed in any number of ways — and I still haven’t gotten to the pi?ce de r?sistance to this speech.

RUSH: You know, for the longest time, ladies and gentlemen, I have been doing the job the mainstream media used to do — and for a long time I enjoyed it. I loved filling the void. I’m getting tired of doing it now. I’m getting tired of doing the job they used to do. The analysis you’re hearing of this speech today in the old days the mainstream press would have done some of this because it’s so unreal. Now, stop and think for a second. Why would the French and the Germans send troops to Iraq at the same time we are withdrawing ours? That is what Kerry has said is going to happen, and he said it in this speech.
Prior to this speech, he said that six months after he becomes president, he’s going to start withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Six months to a year. He said that! We’re all wondering, “Well, that’s really brilliant. You go ahead and tell the terrorist bad guys of the world that their enemy is leaving in six months to a year, they can go on a siesta. They can go out there and drink pi?a coladas, pretend there’s an ocean and go to the beach, wait for us to leave and run in there and take the country, take it back.” But no, that won’t happen because as we’re leaving the French and the Germans are going to come rollin’ in just because John Kerry is president. Come on, folks! This is not possible. You can’t even visualize it. This is a cartoon if you visualize it.

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