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Now here comes Kerry promising that he’s going to go in there when he sees an imminent threat. Well, for one I don’t believe it. I think he just added this because there was such a cacophony of questioning about his desire as stated in his convention speech just to sit around and let us get the hell kicked out of us. We’re going to sit here and be attacked and he’s going to respond then. But there was this outrage and response, “What are we going to do to stop those things?” He has to throw this line in there. But it’s at total variance with what the Democratic Party believes. They don’t believe in preemptive action. The whole word “imminent threat” they kept accusing Bush of saying there was an imminent threat in Iraq when he said just the opposite and they were saying, “There was an imminent threat in Iraq and Bush lied and Bush was wrong!” He never said it. Now the guy who said it is Kerry. Kerry has said there are imminent threats out there and we can count on him to make sure those imminent threats don’t amount to anything.

This is an identity crisis the guy’s having and I’ll guarantee you there’s going to be even more fallout over this within the ranks of the Democrat Party because their whole campaign is based on the illegitimacy of Iraq. Well, what made Iraq illegitimate? It was a preemptive action. We didn’t have weapons of mass destruction there, they say. There weren’t all these horrible, rotten weapons. There weren’t all these dastardly actions and deeds going on. This was Bush just jumping at the trigger, pulling the trigger too quickly, blah, blah, blah. Now Kerry is saying not only would he have gone into Iraq, were there no weapons of mass destruction — and that’s where the party is having a big problem with him and that’s where these two press reports I’m going to tell you about are really upset with him; that’s where the fallout is happening — and now he said, in addition to going into Iraq without an imminent threat, without weapons of mass destruction, he’s going to start kicking ass all over the world when there’s an imminent threat.
Well, pardon the French, folks. I’m sorry here, but, A, I don’t believe it; I think he just threw it in there, and B, I guarantee you there are people out there wringing their hands over the, “What if he means this! Why, we’re anti-war people. We don’t believe this. Imminent threat? There is no imminent threat. We’re the imminent threat. America is the imminent threat. Who’s he talking about? He’s going to attack us? No, he won’t attack us.” They don’t believe in imminent threats. We are the problem to the people that support John Kerry. we are the ones provoking war out there. We’re the ones causing people to hate us, and now Kerry said if he sees an imminent threat he’s going to go kick butt.

He must have said five times in this speech he was in Vietnam and he must have talked about his service in Vietnam and how it relates to today. Which is only going to gin up the swift boat guys even more. By the way, their book remains #1 at Amazon, selling through the roof without one appearance on 60 Minutes, without one appearance on Oprah. How can this be, uh, ladies and gentlemen? But he made an even bigger gaffe, ladies and gentlemen, in his speech, did Senator Kerry, and I’ve heard him say this before. And he said it again today, and he was talking to these guys, “Just use your common seeeeense. Just use your rational ability to think as free Americans,” he said. (Laughing.) Use your rational ability to think as free Americans? Yeah, for how long? He said, “We’re looking at Iraq,” and he says, “All of these Arab countries that neighbor Iraq, they have a vested interest in a free Iraq. They don’t want an Iraq to lose,” or whatever it was he said, and “they’re not at the table.” Meaning we haven’t go to our allies; we haven’t brought the Arabs in; we’re not allowing them to help us in this. There’s a reason why. There’s a glaring reason. It’s shouting from the mountaintops why the Arabs are not at the table. They don’t like what’s happening. They don’t want a free Iraq. The Arabs want the same thing that’s going on in the European Union. They want a unity. Have you heard the term “Arab unity”? They want all these Arab nations aligned as a central power.
What do you think this terrorism is about? They want Arab unity, ladies and gentlemen, and they are fit to be tied that their Saladin was taken out in two weeks. They are humiliated. Saddam was going to be the guy that huffed and puffed and blew back and beat the big, evil U.S. — and he didn’t last two weeks. These people are humiliated. It has set back their whole plan for Arab unity by centuries. Well, if not centuries, decades. They’re not happy about this. Don’t for a minute — I mean, they probably would have liked to have taken — don’t misunderstand — they would take Saddam out themselves if they’d have had to, but the fact that we did it, “Oh, no.”
That’s why this is such a visionary plan that Bush has. That’s why this is such a golden opportunity. The Arab — when I say Arab unity, these people want central command socialism for all of the people in the Arab world. They don’t want freedom. They don’t want individuals in the Arab populations of the country, not like we know it today, and that’s why they’re not at the table. I mean, this is not hard to understand, and I’ll back this up with some data, too, if you’re having trouble believing it. Anyway, we’ve got some sound bites to share with you from the speech. A lot of things to do on the program today, so sit tight. We are coming back, and I promise I’m going to slow down. My mind is having trouble keeping up with my fertile brain today — my mouth. See, that’s what I mean. My mouth is having trouble keeping (laughing) that’s why I’m stuttering around here. I’ve got so much that I want to say, and I feel like I’ve only got two minutes even though I’ve got three hours. Sit tight — (Taking big breath.)
I’m just astounded at this speech. I’m just astounded at it. And he starts talking about unilateral withdrawal of our troops! There’s nothing unilateral about — but even if it were, they’re our troops, for crying out loud! Unilateral troop withdrawal from South Korea; unilateral troop withdrawal from Germany. Who else’s are they? And it’s not unilateral — we’ve told them this is coming. The plan has been in the works for three or four years. But the idea that he promised he’s going to get all these allies in there fighting in Iraq, he’s going to bring our troops home. But when it comes to bringing troops home from deployments, they’re not doing anything and they’re not useful anymore. They don’t serve a real purpose. “Well, no, we gotta keep them there.” It’s absolutely confounding, folks. He’s tying himself into a giant pretzel out there in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

RUSH: Kerry spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention today, and I noticed something: He wasn’t wearing a VFW hat. Gore, when he spoke to these guys in 2000, he wore the hat. Dole wore the hat when he went and spoke to ’em, but Kerry didn’t wear the hat. Probably too militaristic for Kerry, probably don’t want to ruin the new haircut that he flew the stylist down from Washington to Oregon to do, but I just noticed it. All right, listen to these two bites. Cuts three and four up there, Mike. Kerry says his goal here (laughing) is bring the troops home from Iraq.

KERRY: I…know…what…we…have…to…do in Iraq. (sic) We need a president who has the credibility to bring…our…allies…to our side, because that’s the right way to get the job done in Iraq and bring our troops home.

RUSH: Why, it’s powerful stuff, that’s the right way to get things done and bring our troops home. He doesn’t want to bring the troops home from anywhere else, but he wants to bring them home from Iraq, which is where the battle is, and here’s what came shortly thereafter. This represents the big change, or the big addition, from what he said at the convention.

KERRY: I will not never hesitate, not for an instant, to use force when it is required. Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response. Any imminent threat to our security will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

RUSH: Now, allow me if I may, ladies and gentlemen, to parse this or to analyze this. Why would a guy going to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention who’s running for president, have to make a point, have to go out of his way to make sure these guys knew that he would “not hesitate, not for an instant, to use force when it is required. Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response.” I mean, is that not what we would assume any president would do? Here is Senator Kerry having to tell fellow veterans at the VFW convention that that’s his intention.

Now, I submit it’s because he knows, as every Democrat knows, every liberal Democrat knows, that they are not thought of that way, and there is a lack of trust to use force when they are in power, when they are in charge, to use it wisely and correctly and properly — and by that I mean in defense of the country. You take a look at Jimmy Carter and the mess in Iran. You take a look at Clinton and Mogadishu and all these haphazard military operations that he ran — and don’t tell me about Kosovo. That thing is still a mess over there and I don’t think we fought that the correct way, either. I don’t even know what we were trying to do there other than, you know, stop some so-called ethnic cleansing which is a good lib pet phrase.
But then he follows it up. You heard it. “Any imminent threat to our security will be dealt with swiftly and severely.” I cannot emphasize here. I don’t think you’re going to hear this, so you have to trust me on this. The libs are not going to go out and betray the guy. I mean, there may be trickles of it from some defections in the press corps, primarily the columnists brigade, but you have to understand, the Democrats, the libs, the hate-Bush crowd out there has staked their whole viability and the sole reason Bush has to go, the primary reason, is Iraq. Iraq is an error. Iraq as a mistake. Bush lied. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. He lied about Saddam. He lied about all of this. It’s about oil for Halliburton and these clowns believe it — and this has caused some big fallout, as I said. There have been stories for the past six months about how the failure to find weapons of mass destruction proves that a preemptive action is not warranted and that this failure in Iraq, it is said, will put a damper on Bush’s plan of preemptive action.

Now, what Kerry has just said here is that he endorses Bush’s plan of preemptive action. This is Bush setting the agenda. Bush is setting the agenda by virtue of his actions as president, not words. Kerry had to add this because everybody said after the convention, “What are we gonna do, just sit around and wait to be attacked and then you’ll go into action? What about people who are going to attack us first? What are you going to do to stop ’em?” (Kerry sing-song voice) “Oh, yeeeeah, I’ll have the speechwriter put that in there, then.” So the speechwriters put it in there and we when a we got is the word “imminent.” Bush never used the word imminent. The left is out there saying Bush said Iraq was “imminent.” It wasn’t, it was a “gathering threat.” We’ve got to take it out before they become imminent. Kerry has just endorsed his own doctrine of preemptive action. Now, will he be called on it by the same people who ripped Bush a new one for doing the same thing. Let’s see, folks. Let’s just wait and see, huh?

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