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So last night on Hannity & Colmes, Wayne Simmons, I’ll play you this because it’s interesting for two reasons. Wayne Simmons, who was a former CIA operative. We don’t know if he took pills to make his skin darker, but nevertheless he was a CIA operative. He was on with Hannity & Colmes and Hannity says, “Back to the issue of having to deal with these guys that are hiding in the mosques.”

SIMMONS: Dwight Eisenhower would never have stood idly by, not a Baptist church, not a mosque, not a Catholic church, and allowed the enemy to kill Americans or any other —

COLMES: Wait a minute, wait, didn’t we find out that we don’t have to go in —

SIMMONS: No, Alan, Alan, that would never have happened. And we’ve now allowed this guy to sit tight four different times —


SIMMONS: — and every time we give him a pass, instead of killing this guy, which is what armies do, Alan. Armies are to secure victory, kill people and break things —

COLMES: Yeah, but Wayne, we need —

SIMMONS: — that’s what we do.

RUSH: Hmm. A little Limbaugh Echo Syndrome going on there. I just wanted you to hear this.

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