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Also, you talk about suppression of the black vote, how about the effort to get out convict vote? That’s something the Democrats have been trying to do. If there were any votes suppressed in 2000, it was absentee military votes, and those votes were suppressed or attempted to be suppressed by the Gore people in 2000. This is irresponsible of John Kerry to say this. This is picking up standard boilerplate political lingo from the sour grapes crowd and simply trying to recycle it as news. Play the bite again because you’ll hear him. He covers himself here. “Some say” — he’s not even making an official charge, he’s just trying to get these people all worked up. To me it is classic of how the Democrats try to instill fear and hate in their own people, people they say they got their best interests at heart, the people they are trying to help. They want them out there scared to death. They don’t tell ’em what they’re going to do for them because the answer is nothing. Here’s the bite again.

KERRY: We are not going to stand by and allow acts of voter suppression, and we’re hearing those things already, what they did in Florida in 2000. Some say they may be planning to do this year in battleground states all across this country.
RUSH: Some say. Who? Who is saying it, Senator Kerry? No wonder he’s not doing press conferences. Can you imagine him having to answer that question? Well, who’s out there saying that they are getting ready to suppress it? What do you mean a foreign leadership at restaurants in New York? Give us some names. Who’s out there planning to suppress the black vote, who’s told you this, and who’s going to do the suppression? What have you heard? (Doing Kerry impression) “Well, aye juuust heard, that’s a hypoooothetical and I’m nooot going to deal with that till aaaafter it happens.” Wait a minute, I thought you said you’re gonna stop it. “Weeell, we’re nooot going to let it happen.”

The guy is a piece of work, folks. Can you imagine the poor people in this guy’s campaign? Can you imagine what it’s like in there? It’s gotta to be hopeless. You give him the right thing to say– In fact, there’s an LA Times story, let me find this. There’s an LA Times story here, and it’s from yesterday. Listen to this paragraph. Who wrote this piece? Matea Gold and Mark Barabak, LA staff writers, Sunday story, big edition of the paper, right? Listen to this paragraph. “Democratic insiders say it remains unclear who is ultimately responsible for the campaign’s daily message, which is crucial to helping Kerry project a consistent vision.”

How can that be? I mean I read this and I simply am agog. If the candidate is not responsible for the message of the campaign, then who is? Democrat insiders say remains unclear? Not only is it not Kerry who’s supposed to come up with this message, they don’t know who it is that’s supposed to come up with it. What do we got here? We got a coalition campaign! We’ve got a coalition campaign. He’s put together a coalition, but there’s no leader of the coalition. Nobody’s giving the coalition any guidance. This is like telling France and Germany “go help us in Iraq”, but not give ’em a start date. And then, of course, this last line, which is crucial to helping Kerry project a, what is he, a robot? So this coalition’s gotta come up with a message and if they don’t come up with a message it’s not Kerry’s fault because nobody is out there helping him project a consistent vision.

At what point do some of these people say, “What role does he play in his own campaign?” I’m sorry for sounding so incredulous here, folks, but as an unofficial unpaid advisor to the Bush-Cheney ’04 Cheney, which I finally admitted to today, this would never happen in our campaign. Bush is never off message like that. Bush is the one that tells us what we’re going to do. We don’t tell him what– well, there have been times, never mind. But I mean this is what makes this fun and unbelievable at the same time. I mean here is a guy who is revered and thought to be the best this party has on one hand, and then they can’t come up with anybody to assign him a daily message. Why is he running? I asked this question last week, somebody needs to ask, why are you running for president? Don’t give us this business because you want your own house because you’re tired of sponging off Teresa. Why are you running? There is no message. “The candidate’s advisors dispute reports of any debilitating divide.” Here is Tad, a Tad Too Devine, with his comment. “In every campaign I’ve been in, it’s routine for people to have different debates and discussions about how they’re going to proceed.” It is? “The lack of agreement has been apparent as Kerry works to reverse the gains that Bush has made since the Republican convention in New York.”

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