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RUSH: So it was just yesterday, just yesterday, just over the weekend that Senator Kerry in panic mode, full panic mode, played the race card way earlier than most Democratic presidential candidates flip that card. They wait till the last week or two. Senator Kerry flipped it out yesterday with this baseless, panicked, obscene, outrageous charge that the Republicans “have plans to suppress a million black votes this year.” I got to thinking about that. Johnny Donovan is here, our production director. Johnny knows suppression of things quite well, various sounds and so forth. (Talking to Johnny) Would you know how to suppress the black vote? Would you know how? How would you suppress the black vote? Johnny has no clue. I have no clue. If you were going to suppress the black vote how would you do it?
The Democrats have figured out how to do it because they’re the ones that always have done it. The Democrats have always suppressed the black vote. The history of voting rights in this country is that the Bull Connors and the George Wallaces of the world are the ones that did it. We have to go back and read their biographies to figure out how to do this. It was the Democrats in Florida during the gubernatorial primary suppressed the black votes down there while they tried to get out the convict felon vote. So anyway, Kerry says this yesterday or whenever he says in this <a target=new href=”http://washingtontimes.com/national/20040914-123024-6951r.htm”>story</a> today in the Washington Times, which I hold here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers (rustling papers). “Senator John Kerry is losing the interest of black voters after spending several weeks defending his Vietnam service records and responding to attacks from fellow swift boat sailors [sic?veterans], but black lawmakers said the Democratic challenger needs to get back to his domestic-policy ideas in order to boost black voter turnout on Nov. 2nd.”
May I translate that for you? Do I dare translate that? Yes, I will. What the Congressional Black Caucus leaders are saying is, “You better start telling people what you’re going to give ’em if you expect them to come out and vote for you, because if you don’t start telling ’em what you’re going to give ’em, if you keep harping on your service over there, that ain’t what they’re caring about.” That’s the translation. “Representative Elijah Cummings, Maryland, Democratic, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said, ‘He cannot let himself get sidetracked and taken off focus by swift boat ads. We don’t care about swift boats.'” Well, there you have it. So Senator Kerry has just been told by the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus they don’t care about swift boats.

“Rep. Melvin Watt, North Carolina Democrat, said there is a concern that turnout could be low in this election if black voters are not motivated by the candidates’ platform.” That’s another way of saying, what are you going to give them? What are you going to come up with? What are you going to give away? What’s your domestic agenda going to be, because if there ain’t anything in there, any walking around money or things like that, then why should our people show up? That’s what they’re saying, folks. Somebody has to tell you this. That’s how you translate this.
“Mr. Watt, like several members of the caucus, endorsed Sen. John Edwards during the primary season. He said Mr. Edwards’ selection as the vice-presidential candidate ‘strengthened’ his support for the Democratic ticket.” Has anybody seen Edwards? You talk about the incredibly shrinking, disappearing good haircut! John Edwards has been totally invisible. I mean, Cheney has chewed him up and spit him out. He’s not even a force in the campaign.
“The [Congressional Black Caucus] held its 34th annual legislative conference last week, hosting hundreds of black state representatives, city council members and mayors from across the country. Most shared Mr. Watt’s position on Mr. Kerry, saying he has ‘100 percent’ of their support, but not necessarily their enthusiasm.” Well, that’s like you saying you “support the troops but not war.” Hey, they support Kerry but it isn’t doing him any good. There’s no enthusiasm. There never has been any enthusiasm for Kerry! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people all along. The enthusiasm was for Dean. “We know Kerry cannot win without the black vote,” said Mr. Cummings. Ah, so now here comes the friendly black male. The black male is: We don’t like swift boats. Stop talking about swift boats; start telling us what the domestic agenda. What you’re going to give away, and if you don’t do that you’re not going to get the black vote.
So if you ask me, my friends, it’s Elijah Cummings talking about suppressing the black vote. If you ask me, it’s the leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus who are threatening John Kerry: “You better tell us what you’re going to give away or we aren’t going to show up and vote for you.” Who is it suppressing the black vote, Senator Kerry? Who’s threatening you on the black vote? Who’s showing up and telling you what you better do and what you better say, if you want the black vote? Sounds to me many like it’s Elijah Cummings of the Congressional Black Caucus. I don’t see any Republicans at this meeting, and I don’t see any Republicans at this meeting telling you what you better do or you’re not going to get the black vote. It does seem to me that any talk of suppression of the black vote is coming from the Democratic side of the aisle. A-hem! Slam-dunk.


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