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Now, I don’t think CBS has all of a sudden realized they’ve got little liberals watching out there and they’ve got to service them. I don’t think that’s happened at all. I think it’s more and more arrogance. But the real answer is this, in my humble opinion. The real answer is this: They can’t. They can’t admit that these docs are forgeries. Well, they “can’t produce the originals.” The reason they can’t produce the originals is because that would ID their source, and if as many people speculate the source is the Kerry campaign, a prominent Democrat, somebody at MoveOn.org or somebody like that, if that’s the case, if CBS does anything to ID that these docs came from a high ranking Democrat influential in the Kerry campaign, what it means is Dan Rather’s career is over that day. It means CBS’ reputation is finished for a long time that day, and on that day the Kerry campaign officially is defeated. It’s over. They can’t ever admit this. That’s why they’re going to go to the mat for as long as they have to, claiming their experts say, “Why, the documents are real! We don’t have the originals. We’ve done the best we can, so it’s up to you who disagree with us to prove that we’re wrong.”
That’s the stand that they’re taking, because I’m telling you, my friends, if — a capital “if,” — if these documents went to CBS from anybody that has any connection whatsoever to the planning, orchestration, fund-raising, strategizing of the Democratic Party or the Kerry campaign, if that ever got out that CBS admitted that, it’s all over. I mean, they would not be able to go forward. It would be the end of Rather that day. It would be the end of the Kerry campaign. So you might say what they’re engaged in is protecting themselves and the Kerry campaign right now. If that’s where these came from — and where else are these forged documents come from? A lot of people trying to figure it out, but there are no experts that are supporting this case now that CBS continues to make.
This is why a lot of people are going to continue after this, by the way, precisely because of what it would mean to learn just who got these forged documents or who gave them to CBS, just what is that connection. But that’s why I don’t think CBS will ever admit it, no matter what you do. I can’t imagine the kind of pressure that needs to be brought to bear. There may be something, but just in my crystal ball that’s the last step they would take. They could have taken as the first step and maybe save themselves. But not now, not after three newscasts of utter denial with Rather going out there blaming — You know, Rather wants us to believe him because he’s Dan Rather. “I’m Dan Rather, and those are the only facts you need.” It doesn’t cut it anymore, Dan. That’s the whole point. It doesn’t cut it anywhere. It doesn’t matter if Peter Jennings said, “There is no more Edward R. Murrow.” Not in the mainstream press, anyway. There is no CBS Tiffany network. You don’t have it. It doesn’t exist anymore.

RUSH: Let’s not forget this. If CBS IDs the source of the documents, that source is either a forger or linked to a forger, which is a felony. And if that person is in (interruption). Oh, yeah. Impersonating. You would have criminal charges for forgery, document fraud. Impersonating a federal officer, possibly. So, if the source of these docs is ID’d by CB — I mean, folks, you can’t imagine. It would be like somebody taking out Archduke Ferdinand and World War I starting as far as the age-old establishment of the media goes. Somebody wrote a piece today that the Giants are the last to know that they’re about to fall, and all these world powers and all these empires thought that they were sustainable and nobody could harm ’em, and in some schlub came along and shot Archduke Ferdinand and bam-o! World War I starts and the whole world order is rearranged. (Interruption) Well, yeah, but they’re doing the best thing they can on the short leash here, but this is ultimately not survivable.
Somebody is going to find out what happened. You know, this is Nixonian. I can’t get over the fact that they have become at CBS what they hated. They’re engaged in a cover-up now that is far (worse than the original event). There’s the way out of there; Pat Caddell is right: “I’m sorry. We made a mistake.” You know how the American people just slobber over anybody who admits remorse for anything. If they’d have just said that, but they can’t. I mean, they’re not going to be the ones to do it. Somebody is going to find out how this happened. It is going to take place. There are too many people that want to know, and there’s no way CBS can stop it. There is no media monopoly anymore, but I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but when I say they’re doing the only thing they can do I’m speaking euphemistically. The only thing a cornered rat can do is continue to try to bite you. You know, a cornered rat doesn’t give up, but it doesn’t make the cornered rat right, doesn’t make the cornered rat doing the right thing. It just means the cornered rat is doing all it can do at that moment.

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