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All right, let’s build on this, shall we? I have in my hands here, the Las Vegas Review Journal (rustling paper) and it’s a story by John L. Smith, and the headline, “Kerry Should Take Cue From Cleland’s Passionate Indictment of Bush.” Wait till you hear this. “It was Saturday morning at the MGM Grand, and Max Cleland was itching for a fight. The triple amputee braced himself with his left arm and swung from his wheelchair to a chair at a Starbucks on the casino floor. He displayed more fire and focus in the next 30 minutes than John Kerry’s presidential campaign has been able to drum up in six weeks.
“There’s no substitute for passionate discourse and political pugnacity, and few rival Cleland in those departments. The Vietnam veteran, former U.S. senator from Georgia and 9-11 Commission member until December 2003 was the ideal tough-talking advance man for Kerry, who frankly could use a little of Cleland’s energy. As he spoke, I better understood that this election is more for him than being a good political soldier. Cleland was savaged by a GOP attack on his patriotism in 2002 and lost his Senate seat. He hasn’t forgotten. Kerry could sure use some of Cleland’s anger. I wasn’t expecting him to read from the Marquess of Queensberry Rules and wasn’t disappointed. He was hot for a street brawl. ‘You finally realize you’re dealing with pure evil,” he said of his 2002 mugging. ‘It’s evil in its purest form…'” [emphasis added]

Who is he talking about, Al-Qaeda? No-o-o-o, my friends. Here’s the full quote from Max Cleland: “You finally realize you’re dealing with pure eeeevil. It’s eeeevil in its purest form because Bush and Rove and Cheney don’t care who they go after, who’s character they assassinate.” This John L. Smith guy says this is what Kerry needs. He needs to start talking about Bush and Rove and Cheney as “pure eeeevil.”

Well, what have they been doing the past nine months? And there’s no anger out there? So here’s Bill Schneider lamenting there’s “no anger.” Here’s somebody named John L. Smith at the Las Vegas Review Journal lamenting that there’s no anger out there. The anger out there is the anger being generated on our side by the outrageousness of these people who have lost all sense of proportion. Bush, Cheney and Rove: pure eeeevil.

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