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SCHNEIDER: If you’re angry about the economy, you’re voting for Kerry. There are not enough voters who are angry. If you are upset about Iraq, you’ll vote for John Kerry, but do you know the number of people who are upset about Iraq has actually been dropping since the end of June when the White House arranged the transfer of power to the Iraqi authorities, because more and more Americans came to believe, “Well, it’s not as much of an American problem as it used to be,” even though Americans are continuing to get killed. So both Iraq and the economy are just not big enough concerns. Not enough Americans are upset or angry to give the advantage to Kerry.
RUSH: Hey, hey, how can this be? Why, we thought there was so much seething rage at Bush, so much anger at Bush, so much hatred at Bush that it was going to carry these people to a sweeping victory, a landslide victory. It was just last week, my friends, that I, your host, told you I don’t believe all this anger out there. I don’t believe the vast majority of the people are liberals, the vast majority of the people are even Democrats, the vast majority of the people are angry. I think it’s all been media spin, this anger, and now all of a sudden here you’ve got Kerry ranking horribly low in his personal approval numbers, and you’ve got Bill Schneider saying, “There’s no anger out there.”
Now, if you take these two things — let’s focus on the anger here for just a second. That’s been the thing around which the Democrats have mobilized everything they’ve done, the anger about Iraq, the anger about the economy. Anger here, anger there. John Kerry inherited, he thought, the anger that Howard Dean had inspired, and now all of a sudden there’s no anger out there? Why is this?
Maybe it’s because there never was that much in the first place. Maybe what we’ve gotten is nothing more than typical mainstream media spin of just how things are in the country and how much anger at Bush and dislike and hatred for Bush when there really hasn’t been that much all along. It has been rather irrational, has it not? And look at all of the things that have been presented that represent the anger, the Moore movie, all of the books, the 60 Minutes bashing of Bush in four or five different episodes. And yet, if the anger didn’t exist during this maybe they were trying to create it and trump it up. But they didn’t succeed in doing that, either, which I also predicted to you, simply on the basis of my knowledge of human nature. People don’t want to go around being mad every day. It’s not becoming. You know, mad, angry people do not inspire others to be mad; they turn ’em off.

I never thought all this anger stuff was going to work, and six months, nine months now of history, archives of this program alone tell you that. I can remember when I said, “This is not the way that leadership movements are built. They don’t get built on anger and rage. There’s nothing inspiring about anger and seething rage, not long-lasting. You may be able to get some temporary bump here and there. People don’t want to stay mad that long. They want to enjoy themselves. Life is to be enjoyed, people pursue happiness. They may not find it all the time but they don’t want to go out and be mad, and those who do are not the kind of people you want to hang around,” and that’s who the Democrats have been. Remember, we were talking about the other day about whether or not I’m going to be invited back to do election night coverage on NBC, and I don’t know, but I do remember one of the things I was talking about with Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert on election night in 2002.
The Democrats after this shellacking were saying, “We goofed up, didn’t get our message out.” “Wrong,” I said. “You did. You’ve been getting your message out more than you possibly know, if you don’t think you’ve got it out. I mean, the media has been helping you get it out. You got it out. The reason you’re losing big is precisely because people do know who you are. People do get your message. You have been unabashed for 30 or 40 years in telling people who you are. The fact you try to cover up who you are during election years, presidential election years, doesn’t hide the fact who you really are.” And the same thing is happening now. People, they have seen the rage. They’ve seen Al Gore literally go insane, act like lunatic time and time again on stage. I, frankly, don’t believe that’s the real Al Gore. I think that’s Al Gore acting. I think that’s Al Gore feeding the beast that he thinks exists.
He thinks there are a lot of people still angry over Florida, and that’s the root of this. But you can’t sustain it for that long, and here’s now Bill Schneider on CNN lamenting: Where did all these angry voters go? They’re less angry! They’re not angry about the economy. They’re not angry about Iraq — and when they’re not angry about Iraq, that’s the whole basis on which the Democrat campaign is being waged, that Iraq was “unnecessary,” that it was a “bungled war,” that it was somehow a conspiratorial war to benefit others, that it was unnecessary, and it’s made us more dangerous, put us at more risk, and it’s a “bungled world security,” “made our allies hate us.” I mean, you’ve heard this, “Where’s the anger?” There isn’t any anger. I mean, not enough that Bill Schneider can find to get the Democrats to where they need to go. The whole thing, this whole thing has been a trumped-up fraud, folks, just like these documents at CBS. You know, these documents at CBS, these forged documents, this is not a one-time-only story.
It may be within the context of these documents being forged, but this is simply, in my mind, a microcosm of how the mainstream press has been acting for as long as I’ve been watching them. I told somebody who said, “Did you see the story in the New York Times today about blah, blah?” I said, “No, I don’t read it. I haven’t read the New York Times in I-don’t-know-how long.” Why not? “Well, because I know what it’s going to say. I know that it’s become a partisan, agenda-driven hack organization to promote the Democratic Party, and I don’t need to read that. It’s not news anymore. I’m not going to learn anything reading the New York Times, from the op-ed page.” The Washington Post is a little bit better when it comes to some foreign policy things, and they’ve got a couple or three reporters that do distinguish themselves from that pack, read them a little bit more frequently. We have all these demands for investigations: investigations of intel. “How did Bush get bad intel? How can this possibly happen, no weapons of mass destruction”?

Could somebody say we need to investigate the intel Dan Rather had to say that these documents were real? That’s every bit as big a scandal. But of course it’s not in the eyes of the press. They’re all running for the tall grass now trying to save their own skins while Rather twists away in the wind one way or the other, but the simple fact of the matter is that there has been questionable behavior I think by the mainstream press since I’ve been watching them. This question of how much do you trust and how much do you believe. To me, I think this whole notion that America is outraged and hates Bush and can’t wait to get rid of him and loved the Michael Moore movie. <a target=new href=”/home/breck/michaelmoorelies.html”>(Debunking)</a> It’s all been BS, it’s all been flat-out BS. They’ve been trying to create that mind-set in as many minds as possible, but it’s just not there, folks. It’s genuinely not there, all this hatred and anger. Oh, some people have it, and I’m not denying, but it’s not by any means enough to elect anybody. It never is.
RUSH: Let’s grab a quick phone call here as we’re off and running on the EIB Network’s Rush Limbaugh Show. What is today, Tuesday? It’s already Tuesday! Can you believe that? It’s already Tuesday here, my friends, the fastest week in media on the Rush Limbaugh program. Let’s go to Pinckneyville, Illinois</a>. This is Susie. Hi, nice to have you with us.
CALLER: Nice to be there, Rush. Mega dittoes.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Hey, I got my AARP magazine the other day, and it listed</a> the ten angriest people in the United States. Well, actually celebrities, and you were #4.

RUSH: Yeah, but it’s not– I’m in a lot of polls today.
CALLER: Oh, really?
RUSH: I’m in a Gallup poll, favorability — only media person mentioned, by the way, on this poll — and the only media person to rate and then — yeah, I saw this. It’s the “most irritable male,” not the angriest, “most irritable male.”
CALLER: I thought it was angry, okay.
RUSH: It says, well, “cast your vote for the grumpiest man in America.” How you cannot put, for example, Andy Rooney</a> in this list of people. Here who wins the thing: Number 1 looks like Gollum, the anti-hero of the Lord of the Rings at 49.7, is a cartoon character comes in as the grumpiest man in America, the AARP poll, then — see we don’t have these in order here — #2 looks like it would be Dick Cheney at 51%. Grumpiest man in America, Cheney. Number 3, Donald Trump at 6.6%. I am fourth at 5.1%. No, no, I left somebody. Ralph Nader is in there at 11.3%. So I’m fifth at 5.1%. Charlton Heston grumpiest man 1%. Bobby Knight 4-1/2%. Dr. Phil 1.2%. Arnold Schwarzenegger 0.9%. So I’m in a lot of polls today, but I was thinking about this Gallup poll which chronicles Kerry’s favorability number and compares it against others in previous years in a Gallup poll.
Now, I am the only media figure in this poll showing up at 34% approval or favorable. I continue to confuse the terms. Thirty-four percent favorable in the year 2003, which undoubtedly would be a lot higher if I did it this year, but Kerry is at 36%. Now, I’m not running for everything. I just come and I do this radio program each and every day.
Can you imagine? Here’s a guy running for president; he’s been a senator 20 years, been a Vietnam War hero, swift boat captain, all these medals, bases his campaign on this — and in the favorable ratings, he ranks two points above a radio talk show host from the other side. He ranks under Herbert Hoover; he’s barely above O.J. Simpson, ladies and gentlemen. This has got to be a devastating day.

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