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Let me finish the quote, because that’s not the nut quote, the nut ‘graph. The nut ‘graph is coming up — and the Limbaugh Echo. (Rare Pinch impression): “We continue to care deeply about the world and its many problems, and we passionately believe that we believe that we have the ability to change humankind’s destiny and include our collective quality of life.” What a bunch of pap! What a bunch of absolute regurgitated crud! Okay, so here you have it from the — What is he? — the publisher of the New York Times admitting what I’ve always said.
Go into any journalism school out there, folks. Walk down the hall. First year, second year, third year, doesn’t matter. Grab a student, any student, male, female, gay, straight, bi, transvestite, doesn’t matter. Ask ’em why they’re there, and eventually, if you stick with ’em long enough what you’ll hear them say is, ”Because I want to make the world a better place. I want to correct the social injustices of the world!’ To which we say, ”Well, then you’re in the wrong profession. Go get elected and get yourself either on the staff of some politician or become a politician or become an officeholder. That’s where policy gets made and changed. You’re just supposed to stand on the corner and tell people who aren’t there what happened. That’s all you’re supposed to do.”
It’s just that simple. The problem is you show up on the corner and what normally would happen changes, because people know you’re there and they’re trying to influence what you see and they know you bring a bias to it. So your very presence on the scene alters normalcy, especially if you have a camera with you.'” Oh ho! Ask Lady Diana about that. Well, you can’t. She is dead. The media “was just trying to get the story.” What story? So she was running around with some playboy; they just had scrambled eggs in the hotel. Yippee! She’s dead. So they just “want to improve the lot of humankind,” right? Right, and they’re optimists? Pinch better hire somebody knows what they’re doing with that paper, soon.
My friends, I’m not through with this story on that Little Pinch that went out to Manhattan. It was funny how this happened. The PR person at the New York Times went to him and said, “Hey, we got a request here for a speaking engagement. The Alf Landon Lecture Series.” He said, “Where is that?” “It’s out there in Manhattan somewhere.” “Oh, that’s close by! We’ll go.” So they put him in the car, took him to the airport. “I thought you said it was in Manhattan?” “Yeah, Manhattan, Kansas.” That’s how Pinch ended up out there. So after he ends up saying (Pinch impression), “We passionately believe that we have the ability to change humankind’s destiny and improve our collective quality of life.”
Somebody go back and find whoever invented journalism and see if that’s in the syllabus. Look it up on the Internet. Find out who invented journalism. They’re responsible for all this. But then he went on and said this (Pinch impression): “‘Some people,’ he said, ‘view news as little more than another form of reality programming.’ He criticized talk radio for too often having a trial-by-insult format. He then credited television programs that provide little more than barroom chatter and authors who increase book sales by becoming more shrill in their writing.'”

You mean like Maureen Dowd? You mean like Bob Herbert? You mean to tell me that the only safe news institution is newspapers? That’s what that Little Pinch is saying: Can’t trust talk radio. Trial by what? Trial-by-insult format? You know something? I’ll bet you something. I’ll bet you something. I’ll bet you the people that listen to this program are more positively inspired and more genuinely happy each day than the people who read the New York Times. I will bet you that the people who listen to this program have more self-confidence; they have a great attitude, more self-respect.
I’ll betcha they have a far greater confidence of success and prosperity. I’ll bet you they feel much more positively about their country than do the readers of the New York Times. What is this trial-by-insult format, Pinch? Take a look. Seriously listen to this program someday and compare what’s in your newspaper, and you tell me which is doing more to “positively impact the human condition” as you’ve so carefully said you’re interested in. This is what bugs me. You know, it’s exactly what Bozell says in his book, <a target=new href=”http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=2181&sourceid=38461944&bfpid=1400053781&bfmtype=book”> Weapons of Mass Distortion: The Coming Meltdown of the Liberal Media</a>.
In his last chapter he says their criticism of me, to him, was the sign that they’re cracking up. Because when they can no longer consider people with opposing ideas as equals in the arena of ideas, and instead have to engage in character assassination or destroy other people’s credibility, it was the end of them. It was a great book. I mean, Bozell’s book, he’s chronicled all of kinds of this…whatever. “Liberal bias” doesn’t quite touch it, but it’s a great read. Here’s the final Pinch quote. He said, “We are starting to pay a high social price for this form of cheap entertainment.” Cheap entertainment. Talk radio, television and books: cheap entertainment. What we need is the continuing 50-cent newspaper. The media on which it’s printed ends up collecting excrement from animals! That’s what we need.

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