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But most of them are minority groups and the leaders of these groups such as the, uh, REVrend Jacks’nnn and Kweisi Mfume and some of these other characters that run these groups are given seats at the table of power, the Democratic Party. Their seat at that table is guaranteed only if they deliver the votes in their groups every presidential year. Well, they get something for it, too. It’s an income without really having to do the job. They sit at the head of these groups which are fund-raising organizations. They send out fund-raising letters; they siphon off a portion of what they raise as their salaries and benefits and perks. Nothing illegal about that; I’m just saying that’s their gig. So it depends on money. They have to raise money, and that allows them to do their work and allows them to have their lifestyle.
Raising money helps them get out vote, and getting out the vote keeps them at the Democratic Party’s power table. Well, things are a little different now, and there have been attacks on this coalition, and the Democratic Party is made up of a bunch of different of coalitions. You’ve got the animal rights coalition, the women’s rights coalition. All of these different groups make up the Democratic Party, and they’re starting to fight with each other, and they have for quite a while. What this story is all about now is that these new 527s, like MoveOn, they’re raising all the money now. They’re out there doing all the big fund-raising. From George Soros, and they got $60, $65 million, they’re taking money that otherwise would go to these civil rights coalition groups such as People for the American Way or the NAACP or what have you — and when they raise this money guess what they’re not spending it on?
They’re not giving it to the black vote not giving it to Kweisi Mfume to spend to siphon off for living expenses. They’re keeping it themselves and they’re running their own selfish ads, and as such, the civil rights coalition is saying they’re being ignored. In fact they’ve been warning Kerry, the Congressional Black Caucus, I told you this yesterday, or this week, the Congressional Black Caucus told Kerry, “You better start talking about a domestic agenda here. We don’t care about this National Guard business, and we don’t care about Vietnam and we don’t care about the swiftvets. You better talk about domestic agenda.” Let me translate that for you. What the Congressional Black Caucus is telling Kerry is: “You better start is telling me so I can tell my people what they’re going to get for voting for you.”

What are you gonna give away? How much is the federal budget going to grow and what are the benefits going to be? Because if you don’t promise any of that, I can’t guarantee that our people are going to turn out and vote for you. So, lo and behold, “black voter groups lose money and control for the 527,” which are run by white guys! So the civil rights coalitions that have this seat at the table of power at the Democratic Party being aced out by these new white liberals, and they don’t like it. They don’t like it for two reasons: A, they’re being frozen out of money. Well, actually three. They’re being frozen out of the money chase. B, their issues aren’t being discussed, and C, their seat at the table is being threatened because they aren’t going to be able to generate the vote because there’s nothing for their people to vote for since Kerry is not talking about what all these going to give away.
So you have even more infighting going on at the Democratic Party. Now MoveOn.org has alienated Jesse Jackson. MoveOn.org has alienated Kweisi Mfume. MoveOn.org and George Soros’ American Coming Together and all these 527s have now done what not even the Republicans could do: They have split the civil rights coalitions away from the Democratic Party, and it’s just so typical. All these Big White Liberals, who I think have been running a plantation all these years called “the Democrat Party,” have now had all of these years of activities come home to roost. “Melanie Campbell, executive director of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation…” You want notice translate that for you? It means, “What are you going to give us to make us go out and participate, i.e., vote?”
“Melanie Campbell said, ‘This is the first time in the 28-year history of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation that we’ve had this difficult of a time in raising money to do what we do best. There is something wrong when groups who have closed the gap on enfranchisement with our track record and our history of protecting the vote are not getting funding.'” Follow the money. So these traditionally loyal civil rights groups that have done everything that Democratic leaders have told them to do over the years…are now not getting any money. One of the reasons is, the 527s have replaced the parties. You used to be able to give soft money to the parties until McCain said that corrupted the parties. So you can’t do that anymore. The parties used to give the money to the groups!
The Democratic Party used to take care of Kweisi Mfume, if Kweisi Mfume took care of the party back. The Democratic Party would take care of Ralph Neas. The Democratic Party would take care of Melanie Campbell for 28 years, but these goons at MoveOn.org are basically saying to the Melanie Campbells of the world (raspberry). “We’re going to run ads that show American soldiers surrendering, to hell with you! You’re on your own now,” and since they’ve always been walking up to the Democratic Party with their hand out waiting for money to be placed in that hand from the party, and since the 527s and MoveOn.org and so forth are saying (raspberry), “Take your hand away, we’re not giving you anything,” they don’t know where to go to get the money, because they haven’t really had jobs.

So you’re not going to hear much about this, folks, but I’m just telling you this is yet another sterling example of how the whole house of cards that is the Democratic Party is in the middle of an implosion. Will it be total? I don’t know. Will they salvage this at some point? I don’t know. If they had a strong candidate, if they had a strong candidate who understood what was going on here… I mean, it wouldn’t have taken but ten minutes at this meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for a decent Democrat to understand the threat, and Kerry would have found some way to make sure that these people at least got their hands on some money so that they would be mollified. But it isn’t happening because of course there can’t be any legal coordination between candidates and 527s. So all of this is playing into the hands of basically blowing this party to smithereens so that it’s left to the Clintons to reassemble it in their own image, after what may be a landslide defeat on November the 2nd.
I’m not predicting it, but I’m telling you, folks, this is not minor here. Because if they don’t get the black vote, if the black vote doesn’t vote or if they vote for Bush or whatever, I can tell you, this is academic. You know how militant these guys at the Congressional Black Caucus are, when they tell Kerry they’re not happy with the way — and, by the way, this is not the first time. They also had a powwow with him, and they tried to smoke the peace pipe and they said, “Look, pal, the ads you are running in our community are horrible. The ads you’re running in our community, you’re telling our people to go to your website and check out the plan. Well, you better go talk to Al Gore because he hasn’t wired our houses for the Internet yet even though he promised to do that so we can’t go to the Internet. You better get your act together.”
This is like the second or third warning. Oh, yeah, that’s right, and then don’t forget the Reverend Jackson talked about. He sees all this “shakeup” going on at the Kerry campaign but he said it looks to him like it’s “<a target=new href=”/home/daily/site_090804/content/stop_the_tape.guest.html”>a vanilla shake</a>. You neat some chocolate chips in it and he doesn’t see any. I’m telling you, folks, you will not hear Dan Rather report this. You’ll not hear anybody. You won’t hear CBS report it. You won’t hear NBC report it. You won’t hear MSNBC. You might — CNN if they got hold of something, people there that would. You will not hear this. You might not hear it many other places other than here until after others have heard it here, and then decided, “Hey, yeah, that’s a good point!” but I mean this is one of these little things effervescing, bubbling underneath the surface ready to blow the lid off the pot.

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