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Well, you didn’t talk to him about the documents, what did you talk to him about? Why did you take the call? Do you think it’s unusual that an objective, fair-minded journalist from a major network would call you and ask you to talk to one of their sources for a story that’s designed to defeat the president during this campaign? No, there’s nothing unusual at all, and there probably isn’t. But we have friends everywhere, they call us, they ask us to do things, we do it.

This is just stunning. It’s just clear as a bell that the people involved in the left-wing intelligentsia still don’t get it that it is over for them. That Rather has not only taken CBS down the tubes along with all the other people at CBS, but the whole of the so-called mainstream media is going to be affected by this because it already has been affected by other aspects of its behavior. But this is going to tarnish and taint them all because it’s going to give — well, here’s the evidence. This is the evidence that there’s collusion. The notion that there is any objectiveness or objectivity and nonpartisanship in the big media is just blown to smithereens here. And the average American, this is something that’s easily understood, folks. You don’t need nuance, this is not complex. This is as easily understood as the House bank scandal was understood. When you had members of the House able to go to the House bank and write checks for money they didn’t have, the American people understand that because they can’t do it. They get overdrafts and they get cut off, but that’s not what happened in terms of the House bank and the way it was operating in the eighties, the late eighties. It didn’t matter what your salary was because you could go write a check for whatever you wanted whether you had the money or not and the House bank covered it. Well, this scandal came to light, everybody could understand this simple as pie, back-pocket issue. So is this. And the only way you can say the liberal media doesn’t get is you have to believe that they don’t consider themselves liberal. In their hearts and minds they’re not liberal, they’re just fair. And so they don’t consider liberalism to be an ideology. That’s the only way that you can make sense of their behavior in all this, but of course what they think is not really relevant anymore because theirs is a business that relies on public perception, and the public perception of this is clear.

Last night Dan Rather, I don’t know if you’ve seen this anywhere else, the Chicago Tribune had an interview with Rather, they published it today. Here’s what it says: “In an interview Monday evening, a repentant Rather conceded it had been a mistake to broadcast the documents. But even though he could not vouch for their authenticity, he said he still did not believe that they were fakes. ‘Do I think they’re forged? No,’ Rather said. ‘But it’s not good enough to use the documents on the air if we can’t vouch for them, and we can’t vouch for them.'” So he’s still maintaining this public persona that the documents are not forged. The documents are not faked. They just can’t vouch for ’em. Which means they at CBS still believe this story. Now we’ve got this third — Lucy Ramirez passed off the documents to Bill Burkett at a livestock show in Houston. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. And then Burkett ends up talking to what’s-his-face, Lockhart and Cleland. Now Burkett is suing CBS. He’s lost it all, he’s fed up with all this. He’s lost everything he ever had. Now he’s going to sue CBS for defamation. This is just, folks, I feel sorry for Mr. Burkett. This is what happens when you get in bed with a bunch of shark liberals.

In fact, there’s a great larger lesson than even that, and that is, you know, we talked about this. The whole of the left seems to be obsessed with hatred, seething rage at George W. Bush, which is unreasonable, irresponsible, and unwarranted. I mean, to a degree that it’s personal, people that don’t even know him literally hate him and despise him and their seething rage and hatred has come to define their essence. This is what happens to you when you become obsessed with seething rage and hatred. What happens to you is you get involved in things like poor old Bill Burkett did. It was his rage and hatred at Bush for whatever reasons that made him susceptible to believing all this cockamamie bilge that he tried to pass off, that he now says he had doubts about, of course. But there are all kinds of lessons in this, folks, aside from just the journalistic lessons. Let me take a quick time-out here. An EIB obscene profit break is up next.

John Edwards is not the lawyer on the Burkett case. No, not a conflict of interest. Well, yes, there is a bit of a conflict of interest. Edwards would not in good faith be able to sue CBS. They’re his allies, his buddies. That wouldn’t happen, but no, and Burkett didn’t get pregnant and, you know, that’s what Edwards specializes in is, you know, claiming cerebral palsy had — I don’t think Burkett’s got that.

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