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We’re going to elect a guy to be president of the United States. Democrats are offering us a guy to lead the country, and to lead the world, and there’s five weeks for them to tell us who he is. Five weeks. What this really means: Five weeks to come up with another scam definition of John Kerry, scam personality of John Kerry that we’ll all fall for now. We’re not falling for these current scams that they’ve tried on us so quick, somebody come up with some way to present this guy in a way the American people will like him.
It’s too late for this, media. It’s simply too late. I mean, when you go out and dump all over the interim prime minister of Iraq — in fact did you see this? I’ll show you how bad it is. While they’re out there looking for Kerry’s voice, “a leading Democrat senator said yesterday that he assured Prime Minister Allawi that U.S. support for him would continue if John Kerry were elected president.” Now, if Kerry didn’t diss him, and if Kerry didn’t — and Lockhart is out there calling him a puppet — I mean, you laugh, but this gives credence to the question, “Do you guys want us to lose in Iraq?” Is that what you Democrats want? Is it really what you want?

RUSH: Marquette, Michigan</a>. Mike, you’re up first today. Welcome to the program, sir.
CALLER: Yeah, I’m just wondering if you think the president will take an opportunity Thursday night to really take Senator Kerry to task on his gloom and doom thing in Iraq . Whether it’s the soldiers or citizens or even President [sic] Allawi saying, “Things are better. Things are improving,” and his message is, “No, it’s not. I don’t care what you say. It’s not improving,” and I wonder if you think the president will really take an opportunity Thursday night to drive that point home and really take him to task on it.
RUSH: An excellent question, and the answer is, “I hope so, but I don’t know.” Not being part of the debate preparation team, I don’t have really any insight on this. I can only tell you what I, as a an American, would like to see, and I think it’s about time. You know, one of the things that the… How shall I put this? The prepub that’s going out about Kerry is that, “Oh, man he’s Cicero in debates! He’s the best debater in the world!” “Why, we don’t even have a chance against this guy.” This is what the Republicans are saying, “We don’t have a chance.” The Democrats are saying, “Yeah, he’s slick. You know what? This guy, you can’t pin him down because he’s so smart and debates are where he really shines, that’s where he’s going to really find his voice.”
Well, one thing that you cannot erase from this debate factor is the appearance of the two. It is television, and I’m telling you, there’s something about Kerry. He just looks… I don’t know. I don’t want to say what I really think here. It’s not kind, but those deep-set eyes and the furrowed brow, despite the Botox, it’s scary. Let me just say, it’s just scary, and he doesn’t come across as a nice guy. I have never yet seen John Kerry, and I’ve watched him for a lot of months now. I’ve not seen him connect personally with an audience that’s right in front of him or an audience via a TV camera. I just haven’t seen that connection. Now, Bill Weld says, “Don’t worry about that. He knows how to connect. Why, he’s better than anybody that’s ever lived when it gets to these debates.”
But when it comes to your specific question, I would love it if the president made some allusion to the Kerry camp’s characterization of Allawi as a puppet, and I would almost point-blank ask, “What is with you and your party, senator?” Not just him. “What’s with you and your party?” It’s almost as though you want us to lose in Iraq. Now, I know that they won’t, because Kerry came in, “No, I don’t want to us lose, but we’re going to lose. We’re going to lose if we keep going the way you’re going.” That’s what Kerry would come back and say, but he does need to find a way to characterize and question the Democrat Party and John Kerry specifically, making it clear that they are infested with doom and gloom, that they are nothing but pessimistic.

You know, Jed Babbin</a> has a story, I think it’s at National Review Online today, about how what Kerry and Lockhart are doing — particularly recently with their reaction to Allawi’s great speeches, undermining the morale of the trips, and one of the ways he says it’s happening is Armed Forces Radio. You know, Armed Forces Radio is listening to programs that originate here in the United States, including the first hour of this program. Well, the first hour of this program recently has been pretty illustrative of what John Kerry has been saying, and the question: “How do you know, Mr. Kerry, more about what’s going on in Iraq than Mr. Allawi? Mr. Allawi is there. He’s only been gone for five days. Has it gotten so bad in five days that he doesn’t know how bad it is but you do when you haven’t been there?”
You know, come out with something like that. I do think they need to be called on it. Will it happen? I haven’t the foggiest notion. I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of confrontation in these debates. Kerry might try it, but they’re not allowed to ask each other questions, a 31-page operational manual for these silly things, rules and regulations. There’s going to be a warning light that the audience will see if a candidate goes long. The Bush team wanted this in because they think Kerry’s just incapable of ending on time. Kerry asked for the hall to be air-conditioned to well below 70 because he sweats, and the Bush team said, “No! Reasonable temperatures. We ought to have reasonable temperatures,” and that prevailed. So whatever is reasonable, reasonable. You know Democrats are going to control the hall, but the Democrats are very worried about Kerry sweating. He sweats a lot. Women do not like men who are going to protect ’em start sweating. Just doesn’t look good. Keep a sharp eye out for that.

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