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KERRY: We should be putting pressure on OPEC to raise the supply and not allow those countries to undermine the economies of the world.

RUSH: Hell’s bells here, folks, what are we supposed to make of this? Back in April, he’s all upset that we might put pressure on OPEC to lower the gas price, and here we are in September demanding that we do it! For crying out loud! You know, and I know what their strategery is, strategery is, ‘well, people weren’t paying attention back then so we can go back and we can pretend we didn’t say all that. What we say now is operable.’ But, see, the fact is what he said, we just played it. We have it. We’ve kept it in the archives because we keep everything Kerry says because we know he’s going to flip-flop from it, or he’s going to flop because the first one is the flip.

Anyway, he’s going to say something totally at variance with what he says on a previous occasion, and we’ll have it and we will remind you of it. And he had trouble keeping up with Diane Sawyer today in Good Morning America, we played you those sound bites, if he can’t handle Diane — no offense to Diane Sawyer, don’t misunderstand me here — but if he can’t handle Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, he’s in heap big doo-doo.


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