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RUSH: Well, that’s a hell of a mill worker. I mean, all mill workers do that, right? All mill workers have to train people that have college degrees when they don’t and get so frustrated by it they go start their own company. Shazam! Hot damn, folks! Well, that mill business sounds like a hell of a place to be. I mean, I would think I’d raise my kid to be in the mill. “Look, son, go be in the mill, work with a bunch of idiots that you’re smarter than, and form your own company and become a consultant.”

So Edwards’ dad, portrayed by Edwards as a dirty-fingernailed mill worker who got stepped on by the Dick Cheneys and George Bushes of the world, actually became a consultant and owned his own mill [consultancy]. But, yeah, imagine the horrid mill owners demanding college degrees of their employees, how heartless. How absolutely heartless. Can you imagine, folks, if you had to have a college degree to get a decent job? Who the hell does Edwards think – this is incredible. I never heard of this, needing a college degree to have a chance at a good job? When did this start? Is this part of Edwards’ two Americas? I never heard of this. You need a college degree? You need college degree to get a good job in America?

So Edwards’ dad is all mad and frustrated he doesn’t have a college degree, he has to train people who do, but Edwards’ dad smarter than they are. Note now the put-down of successful people, the put-down of educated people. Edwards’ dad was smarter than people with college degrees, and Edwards’ dad got so frustrated, he used his stupidity to go out there and buy his own mill and become a consultant for others, why, my gosh, I think that could only happen in America. Edwards tells this story to talk about what a rotten unfair place America is, when in fact this is a story about how great the country is, that his dad can run rings around college educated people and start his own mill and become a consultant and he has to train those people who have more education than he does. This is a great American success story. Why doesn’t Edwards see it that way? Because Edwards is a liberal Democrat steeped in the lessons of class envy and doesn’t want you to know that history of his family, just like he doesn’t want you to know how wealthy he is and how he doesn’t pay as much Medicare tax as you do. He doesn’t want you to know much about his life at all, ladies and gentlemen, but boy he certainly tells you he’s qualified to tell you how to live yours!

Here’s the next C-SPAN bite. Another caller said to the Kerry-Edwards advisor Kim Rubey, from West Hartford, Connecticut, “Who do you think the enemy hopes will win this election, Bush or Kerry?”

RUBEY: Well, I want everyone who is watching today to know that John Kerry and John Edwards are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep this country safe. We’ve heard similar sort of questions from Vice President Cheney during the campaign trail and quite honestly it’s disturbing because it seems to be, you know, that the Republicans are injecting the politics of fear into this campaign and trying to scare the American people, and I think, you know, that’s just — it’s not the sort of discussion or dialogue we should be having.

RUSH: Hey, Kim, you want to take another stab at this because you didn’t answer the question. The question was, “Who do you think the enemy hopes will win the election, Bush or Kerry?” All the rest of that you uttered is just garbage, I mean fear, politics of fear. Vice President Cheney was right. You and your vice president and your presidential candidate are Exhibit 1 for how Cheney is right. We’ll be at greater risk if these guys win. Just listen to what they’re saying. We will use U.S. troops unilaterally to go save starving people. We will not use U.S. troops unilaterally to defend America when it’s attacked. We’ll have a global test for that. We will not have a global test to go feed people around the world, but we will have a global test to defend ourselves. You wonder why you’re getting this question, Ms. Rubey? Better learn to answer it, four and a half weeks left.

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