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CALLER: In terrorist-related countries like Iran, and dealing specifically with those countries, and I don’t think when the vice president had the chance he replied to that answer, and I went to FactCheck.org, and because I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to vote, but it’s still — I mean, they definitely dealt with these different countries like Iran.
RUSH: Let me tell you a few things about Halliburton, Joe. The vice president, I don’t think, is going to take on a specific defense of this. That’s why he mentioned FactCheck.org because he doesn’t want to elevate it beyond where it is. It currently is at kook status. Halliburton has been the only company that does much of what they do. They have been given no-bid contracts by Bill Clinton during his term</a>. They have been doing oil services work, they’ve got a number of subsidiaries. They do a number of things as a private sector company that the Pentagon, the defense department can’t do as cheaply and as well and as efficiently. Cheney has made it clear he gave up his stock. People have forgotten, but during the campaign of 2000 the Democrats made a big deal out of this. Cheney gave up everything. He resigned from Halliburton. He gave up every tie to it in order to get rid of any appearance of impropriety.
Cheney made one mistake last night. He misquoted the web address. He said, “Go to FactCheck.com.” When you go to FactCheck.com you end up at a George Soros site which is a total distortion of the Halliburton truth. I cringed when I heard it. It’s <a target=new href=”http://FactCheck.org”>FactCheck.ORG</a>. FactCheck.org is the site from the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Center, Kathleen Hall Jamieson and our old buddy Adam Clymer, ex of the New York Times. And they have found that every one of these charges about Cheney and Halliburton are untrue. Now, this is why I say, Joe, that the mainstream press has become a transcript service. Anybody can go to FactCheck.org and find that every allegation being made about Cheney profiting personally from Halliburton, Halliburton getting gigs when Cheney is in the White House as vice president, all of this is BS. All of this is untrue.
They’ve looked at it, and they cite the sources. They don’t hold themselves up as the source; they’re just the fact checkers, they went out and they checked it out. Yet it keeps repeating and it keeps echoing out there because it is in the arsenal of ammo that the left is using. Even though it can be totally disproved, it keeps being used. All John Kerry and Edwards have to do is say it and the mainstream press dutifully, as a transcript service, reports it. You know, I would say if you’re an undecided voter, and you’re really going to decide this election on whether or not Halliburton made profits before 9/11, Joe, what is that? I don’t understand that kind of thinking. I don’t see what in the world it has to do with anything. I don’t know why somebody making a profit bothers you. It’s the nature of the U.S. capitalist system. But as an undecided voter, certainly there have to be far more things that are relevant and important than whether or not a company made a profit before 9/11 vis-?-vis Iran.

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