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“But refusing to apologize infuriates women because that makes it seem as if the guy doesn’t care that he let her down, and if he doesn’t care, there’s no reason to think he won’t do it again. This is the negative effect – the collateral damage – that Mr. Bush’s ‘certainty’ is certain to have on many women: if he won’t admit he made a mistake in his handling of Iraq, it seems he doesn’t care about the American soldiers killed and maimed, the civilians beheaded, about the Iraqi children blown up by insurgents’ bombs.”
I don’t know how you get there! I just wanted to share this in the New York Times today. I thought this, you know, I’m forever trying to understand women, so when a woman writes an op-ed piece I think maybe I can learn something from it, but I’m not gaining any ground today on it. I’m sure that many of you women out there are appalled at this line of thinking. This just does not (describe you). This may describe, you know, liberal women, but I… Dawn, let me ask you. (Talking to staff member) If Bush apologized, would you be more inclined to vote for him? She says no, but she’s going to vote for him anyway. You are going to vote for him anyway, right? Yeah. So…
“In his campaign appearances, Mr. Bush has been saying that what matters isn’t caring but doing. This may be an attempt to deal with the ‘compassion gap’ that has long dogged Republicans, and has widened under the Bush administration. But caring is the prerequisite for doing, and that’s why many women value apologies and admitting mistakes. Appeal to women will surely be at the forefront of both candidates’ minds in tomorrow night’s debate, since domestic issues like jobs and health care are believed to be a top priority among female voters.”
I don’t even agree with that. I’m not sure that that’s even true. Well, I don’t know, guys, what do you think? Think back in your own personal lives. How far has apologizing all over the place gotten you? It doesn’t get you anywhere. I mean, women, ladies, from our perspective, apologizing just doesn’t work. Not the way she says. It just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t make women more inclined to like us or respect us. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You can overdo this apology business. I mean, sometimes it’s required. There’s no question about this, but making a practice?
This absorption, this obsession with Bush apologizing and making mistakes is just incomprehensible to me. I mean, I know what they want. They want Bush to admit publicly he’s made a mistake so they can make an ad out of it, so they can run around saying, “Bush admits he was wrong!” They can take it and run with it and so forth, and that’s why he’s not doing it, he understands this as clear as a bell. But I don’t hear any accompanying requests that Kerry or Edwards admit any mistakes they’ve made, and let me ask everybody. Let’s say this campaign descended into all the candidates admitting all of the mistakes they’ve ever made. Is that really the way to carve out an agenda and lead the country in the future? This is absurd. It’s patently absurd. Take a break. You know, we’re not electing a boyfriend here, a husband.
Yeah, this apology business getting a little bit out of hand. Nobody ever asked Kerry to apologize for what he said when he came back from Vietnam. Isn’t that the point of the swift boat vets, and isn’t that the point of the documentary Stolen Valor? “If Kerry would just apologize for this,” they’ve been saying, “then he could square it.” But what has Kerry said? (Doing Kerry impression) “I’m not going to apologize because I was right. I was right then and I’m right now.” Well, you think you’re right, why apologize? The absolute worst time in the world to apologize is when you think you are right. I’m not saying Kerry is right. I’m just saying in Bush’s case he probably thinks the same thing. What’s he got to apologize for? So, yeah, I guess we could just turn this into an apology society, everybody running around saying they’re sorry for everything they do every day, that’s going to really advance things.

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