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When you start lying through your teeth about the draft, when you start lying through your teeth about the Social Security, when you start playing the race card and all this, I mean, it’s clear that things are not going well. They’re not advancing an agenda. They’re not talking about what it’s going to be like when they’re president. It’s total destroy Bush, attack, attack, attack — and what that tells me is that their polling says — and this is not good — their polling says the remaining hope that they have is to create enough doubt about Bush to launch Kerry. They don’t have time and they don’t have the wherewithal and they don’t have the candidate to gin up a bunch of support for him. Bush yesterday was in New Jersey. It’s interesting to point out. By the way, get this. There’s a little story here, a Gannett newspaper in Gannett, New Jersey. I guess the name of the paper is Home News Tribune and Gannett is USA Today.
The parent company of USA Today is Gannett, and they got I guess a little paper out there somewhere in New Jersey and it’s a three-page story on Bush’s trip and his speech yesterday. And near the end of the story is this couple paragraphs. “But those leaving the speech were also met by protesters. One man tried in vain to hand out recruitment cards for the Army urging the Republicans to sign their children up to go to Iraq. A modified school bus became a mobile Kerry campaign unit, armed with a loudspeaker. When this modified school bus showed up, one Bush supporter turned Rush Limbaugh up loud on his car radio to drown it out, while other Republicans traded verbal jabs with the Kerry supporters.” So, ladies and gentlemen, I was used as a weapon against Kerry wackos yesterday in southern New Jersey. Happy to be of service, simply being who I am and doing what I’m doing.
You know, those little school buses, modified school bus rolling around with a loudspeaker on top? I mean, that’s really a modern day technology. So it apparently was easily countered with one guy’s car radio. Just turn it up and drown ’em out. But the point is Bush in southern New Jersey yesterday where the Philadelphia market comes into play. The eastern Pennsylvania was also a target. So here you have Bush in a Kerry state, New Jersey, and killing two birds with one stone, talking also to large crowds by virtue of his nearness, close proximity to Pennsylvania. Where was Kerry yesterday? Kerry was here. He was in Florida. He was in West Palm Beach. John Kerry was in a county that is already 75 to 80% Democrat. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but as you know Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade; those are three of the four counties that Gore demanded a recount and these are Kerry strongholds, these are Democrat strongholds.
Bush is not the going to win Palm Beach County. I mean, according to the polling data. You haven’t seen anything other than that. Have you, Mr. Snerdley? I mean, you go down to Miami-Dade and Broward counties same story. What’s Kerry doing? What’s Kerry doing in these strongholds? What’s he doing in places he ought to have wrapped up? I’ll tell you what he’s doing. I’ll tell you exactly what he’s doing. He’s trying to shore up the Jewish vote because not only is he losing the black vote. He’s not losing it. It’s dwindling, his percentage. Black vote is crumbling, so is the Jewish vote in south Florida. There have been a number of… We’ve been chronicling this since the year 2000. Since after the recount and all during the last three and a half years, the Jewish vote in Palm Beach County and in south Florida is not as rock-ribbed Democrat as it used to be, and one of the reasons why is that they’ve gotten the news out down here that John Kerry hasn’t said anything about Israel.
He hasn’t talked about it. He didn’t mention it at his convention. He threw a throwaway line in one of the debates, but that was it. It’s a very important issue to people in the Jewish community. Now, oftentimes, you know, party politics will trump that. In most cases it does, but these are different times. We’ve got a war going on in the Middle East. It was just yesterday or the day before that some Islamist group came out and said, “Look, all this could be stopped if you’d stop your support of Israel. You guys, all you’re doing is spreading Zionism around the world.” Now, John Kerry, if you look at the things he said and proposed, he doesn’t inspire trust when it comes to Israel and the whole Middle East. I mean, his policies pretty much cut and run. Once you cut through all the flip-flops and prevarications he’s going to get us out of there as soon as he can and turn the place over to whoever survives, and it won’t be the good guys.

So he’s in Florida, and it was not a big deal. I mean, the point that he was down there trying to shore up the Jewish vote is not a big point. I mean, it was not the reason he was there. You have to know how to read between the lines, and I have the story. It’s our old friend Nedra Pickler reporting this. “John Kerry boasts of flying an Israeli jet and calls out in Hebrew during Florida…” In fact, we have that. Grab audio sound bite #1. This is Kerry. He’s in Florida yesterday, West Palm Beach, right here. Well, across the moat from where I live. You gotta cross a moat to get to my place, but he was over on the other side of the moat, also known as the intercoastal, and this is an example. Here it’s late and he’s in a county that there’s no question votes Democrat, so what’s he doing here? Here’s what he’s doing here.
KERRY: “I’ve climbed to the top of Masada and I’ve stood on the top of Masada and yelled out as the Air Force recruits and others used to from the side of that cliff, the words ‘Am Yisrael Chai!”‘
RUSH: I, too, have been to Masada, it’s quite a breathtaking place. You overlook the Dead Sea. It’s stunning the history of Masada, incredible. They made a movie about it obviously, and you can still see some of the sets and where the Roman legions were before they climbed up to get the remaining Jewish survivors who fought them to the death up there. And that’s why he’s invoking it. It’s one of the great stories in Jewish history, but, you know, it’s pretty late to be doing this. You can do it, don’t misunderstand here. All I’m pointing out to you is this ought to be shorn up. This ought to not be something… He should have had time yesterday to head off to a battleground state. He’s not in a battleground state, folks. He’s in his own backyard shoring up support, and that’s just another little thing you can look at to get an idea how things are going.
Now, in 2000, Jewish people voted 4-1 for Algore and Lieberman. But, you know, Lieberman is out there saying things like Bush has been great for Israel. Bush is the greatest friend Israel’s ever had in the White House. Bush has built a reputation as a strong backer of Israel, has courted Jewish voters in hopes that even a slight increase in support could make a difference in another tight election. Kerry told voters in West Palm Beach yesterday he will do a better job than Bush of holding those Arab countries accountable for funding terrorism. How can he possibly say this when you measure it against everything else that he said? He’s not going to hold any Arab country accountable to anything. Because why? We’re the ones provoking trouble in his view! We’re the ones making matters worse over there by being who we are. If you go through Kerry’s voting record and you take a look, if John Kerry’s viewpoint on things had prevailed throughout his life since 1972, you know that Saddam Hussein would be in charge of Saudi oil.
We would not have gone in to kick Saddam out of Kuwait. The Soviet Union would still be around with client states all over the place because Kerry opposed every measure to weaken them. He opposed every friend of America in Soviet outposts around the world, from Nicaragua to Grenada. He opposed the deployment of Pershing II missiles in Europe. People know this and people with a vested interest in that region know it, and so that’s why he’s got to show up yesterday in his own backyard, as far as party affiliation is concerned anyway, and shore things up. (Doing Kerry impression) “I’ll do a better job of holding those Arab countries accountable for funding terrorism.” How? “We’ll do a better job of protecting the state of Israel than they are today,” and then, to illustrate another problem that Kerry has, he tossed out some French to communicate with the Haitian immigrants at a rally later on in Orlando. Kerry speaks fluent French as you know, but usually avoids doing so in public because it’s so embarrassing.

So he goes into Orlando and he starts talking French to Haitians, which is all part of shoring up a weakness he’s got in the black vote, and he’s trying to shore up a weakness he has in the Jewish populations of south Florida. If you just look at this — and don’t forget back during the debates. This is not, you know, this doesn’t get reported much because the press is not interested in pointing out the embarrassing things Kerry says, but he said he “visited the KGB headquarters at Treblinka.” [sic] Well, Treblinka was a Nazi death camp. Lubyanka was KGB headquarters. These sort of things are not the kind of things that inspire confidence among people who have some concerns, vested concerns in that region. Now, a little paragraph here in Nedra Pickler’s story. “Kerry’s paternal grandfather was a Czech Jew who immigrated to the United States and changed his name to Kerry from Kohn to escape violent anti-Semitism. Kerry’s Jewish roots were discovered last year by the Boston Globe, but he hasn’t mentioned it during his Florida stops. Instead, he talks about his visits to Israel and his pro-Israeli voting record.”
Nedra Pickler, though, gets it in the AP story that he just discovered he’s Jewish last year on the eve of the campaign. Sort of similar to how Madeleine Albright found out that she was Jewish at some point during the Clinton campaign. Then an AP story, Kerry right now, according to polls, only gets 69% of the black vote; Bush gets 18%. This is a Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies poll. That’s a Washington-based research group that focuses on issues concerning blacks. You just look at these things, not part of a horse race reporting, but they’re in deep trouble. And so when he has to spend his time two weeks before the election shoring up two constituencies that ought to be voting for him at 95% or around there.
You can just tell what other things: his attitude, lack of enthusiasm among his crowds, that they know something’s not going right and that they’re having to pull out stops here that they know are not really the kind of things that are going to launch him over these four-point leads or deficit, six point deficit, eight point deficit, and another thing you can tell. One other thing: When the press keeps reporting how this race is “essentially tied,” and yet you look at the polls and you see an eight-point lead in one poll, a six-point lead in another, a four-point lead in another, a three-point lead in a couple others you see two polls where they’re tied, you say, “How can you say the race is essentially tied as the press is reporting it?” So just a lot of things here that when you add ’em all up do not spell good news for the Kerry campaign.
On his way to Orlando, John Kerry had to do something he’s never done before and said that he never would do. He had to cross a picket line to get to that get out vote rally where he spoke French to Haitian immigrants. Now, that’s really a big constituency out there. Stop and think of this. Here he’s in Florida after spending some time in his own backyard, heavily Democratic counties, goes up to Orlando and decides he’s got to get some French spoken to Haitian immigrants? It’s all about shoring up the black vote. Now, as you know back in June, a bunch of times Kerry said he “would never cross a picket line.” The Democrat convention was almost imperiled because there was a protest up there, strike, and he said he would never cross the picket line.
(Kerry sing-song voice impression:) “I’ve neeeever crossed a picket liiiiine.” He never crosses picket lines, one of his spokesmen said. “I don’t cross picket lines. I never have.” That’s a quote from Kerry at a mayor’s conference where Kerry refuses to cross the picket line. This is June 28th of this year. But he did so yesterday. He road into a motorcade that crossed two Florida police picket lines en route to a get-out-the-vote rally, and that’s another thing. Kerry is out there saying he’s got the support of the Fraternal Order of Police. The president of the Fraternal Order of Police put out a statement yesterday saying, “No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have the support of our organization.” But, see, this is the kind of thing that you do. I mean, he can say it. The Fraternal Order of Police captain will be given not nearly as much news when he refutes Kerry’s claim. The story on the black vote, the AP story:
“Blacks prefer John Kerry over President Bush by nearly four to one, though their support is down slightly from the backing Al Gore received in 2000.” Down slightly? “Kerry only gets 69% of the black vote as opposed to 82 to 85%. Bush is up to 18% from like 5 or 6%. Bush didn’t get good marks for his handling of the war in Iraq or for his overall job performance according to the poll of black Americans from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.” Well of course not. We haven’t gone over 50% of the black support. But this is classic of the way the poll is presented. The truth of the poll is that Kerry’s losing support in this group and they finally can’t avoid mentioning this in the story. “What has helped the president narrow the still sizable gap is the Massachusetts senator has lost support, 69% of the black support,” which is down a considerable number, and many of black church going people have decided that Bush is their guy, and that’s where the inroad is taking place, and that’s even worse news because you know how the left doesn’t understand God. They don’t like God, and they certainly are afraid of God.

RUSH: Debbie in San Jose. I want to grab this call quickly. Hi, Debbie, Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks you for taking my call. It’s great to speak with you this morning.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Yeah, what I was calling about was just in regards to Kerry needing to shore up his Jewish base. I think it has a lot to do with the article in the WorldNetDaily where Arafat is endorsing him and the Arab movement within this country to get Kerry elected. I have a feeling that he’s been doing what he always does and promising things to both sides, and I don’t know, you know, how much effect that might have. He’s going to have to go back and forth promising both of these sides.
RUSH: Well, but see, here’s the thing about it — and, by the way, you’re right. I appreciate the phone call. There’s no question. Arafat, it’s in World Net Daily — I see it; BBC has it, too — that Arafat, I don’t know if he’s endorsed, but he’s expressed a preference for Kerry pretty openly and vividly and that, of course, that’s not helpful if you’re trying to shore up support within the Jewish community. The other thing, I don’t know if so much it’s the Arab-American, Muslim community in America is so much for Kerry as they are anti-Bush. Regardless, they’ve made it plain that they don’t like Bush, and this is something that’s visible on its own. You don’t need, you know, to have some candidate come along and remind you of things, and the press is making a big deal out of the fact that the American Muslim community doesn’t like Bush and is for Kerry.
Now, all these things add up, and they cause other things that we see to make sense, such as Kerry in Florida yesterday showing up a constituency group in a county where he already ought to own the vote. But, look, all of these things, the point to remember about this, aside from the individual constituents that we’re talking about, the overriding thing to glean from this is that it indicates that things are not going well on the Kerry side right now, and believe me, they would much rather have been able to go somewhere like Ohio or Pennsylvania yesterday, and maybe they did, but they didn’t want to have to come down to south Florida and shore up what already should be something solid in their camp, and we’ll just see if this continues to play out over the next two weeks.
Because it appears right now that what we’ve suspected for the past week, and maybe a little longer, actually for longer than that, maybe the whole campaign, but it’s become intensely clear in the last week or two and that is Kerry does not have his base shored up. He doesn’t have his base rock solid behind him, and there’s a reason for that, and that is that a goodly percentage of his base is not even for him; they’re opposed to Bush. He just doesn’t get out there and make that personal connection with people. You see hysterical reactions from his campaign people. His spokesmen, Bob Shrum was hysterical on Meet the Press on Sunday. Just keep a sharp eye as to where Kerry goes and what he says when he goes there.

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