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KERRY: So many places we should be doing more, we should be doing more in Haiti where we need to help the Haitian people. We should be doing more — we should be doing more — we should be doing more (speaking French.)

RUSH: There you have it, 23 seconds, no clue what he’s saying there, speaking in French, John Kerry to the Haitian immigrant audience in Orlando. Now, I have to tell you, folks, that didn’t sound like Kerry to me. Did it sound like Kerry to you? Be honest, Mr. Snerdley. Did it sound like Kerry to you, Brian? Be honest. Could you hear a little bit of Kerry? Brian says, “Well, it has to be. I mean, it’s Kerry.” We’re not making this stuff up, but I mean it didn’t sound like Kerry. It sounded like some other world leader from World War II to me, some of those old tapes you hear in the beer halls. But I have a hearing problem. So, I’d love to know what he was saying. It sounded like he was saying something he kept repeating over and over. We need to do more? What, you speak French, Mr. Snerdley? That was in English? We need to do more? I mean you could hear — let me hear this again. I thought the whole thing was in French. He’s speaking English and I still can’t understand him? Okay, the last sentence, okay, here, listen. You got it ready to go there Mike? Dooba dooba, let’s listen to it again.

(Replaying of sound bite.)

RUSH: Sounds like we need you to do more? We need to be doing more. Well, that’s — no, Kerry, sir, you need to be doing more. Here you go sloughing it off on his supporters. I mean his wife did say — who, you mean Teresa? His wife said let the kids go naked. That was not Haiti. No, it was Grenada after the hurricane. Yep. It was Grenada. We were sending clothes down there instead of food and Teresa said don’t do that, let the kids go naked for a while, we need to send food, not clothes. It was Grenada. If she said it about Haiti, then that’s news to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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