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RUSH: Would you like to hear it?

CALLER: Sure, I’d love to.

RUSH: Now, are you saying this relates to the sound bite of Kerry with Frank Sesno?

CALLER: Well, I’m saying that you don’t have to go back ten years to get him saying he’s going to transfer things over to the UN.

RUSH: True. No, you don’t. Let’s go back to last April, but at the same time, we can say it’s the one thing he doesn’t flip-flop on.

CALLER: Well, also he doesn’t flip-flop on his complete lack of — I mean total contempt for the military.

RUSH: Right. Exactly. Here it is. You remember this. Walter Daum is a retired professor of math at the City College in Harlem, and he just ripped Kerry up one wall and down the other over his Iraq stance. Back in this era, you know, Kerry was agreeing with Iraq, that we couldn’t leave. We had to sit there and stay there and make it count, and this is a partial segment of that exchange.

KERRY: If you don’t leave a stable Iraq with a legitimacy to whatever entity is going to transform the government, you have the potential for a civil war. You have the potential for Shi’a versus Sunni versus Kurd. There are all kinds of potentials. Let me just finish.

DAUM: They are united against the occupation.

KERRY: Yes. And — but the point is this, sir. You’re not listening to me.

DAUM: Oh, yes, I am.

KERRY: Well, then…you haven’t…frankly…listened, because in fact the course that I have proposed is to turn over to the United Nations the full responsibility for the transformation of the government and for the reconstruction.

RUSH: All right, now, there you have it. Is that what your referencing out there, Joe?

CALLER: Yes, and also if you could just get that quote from Walter Daum saying that all the service people are doing is knifing women and blowing up schools and mosques and how Kerry doesn’t react to that. He doesn’t defend them at all.

RUSH: Yeah, we also have – I’d like the bite too. I’ll see if Cookie can dig it up I know it’s in the roster. Walter Daum telling Kerry that he’ll be ‘hated, too’ —

CALLER: Yes, and if you could find —

RUSH: — just like Bush is if he doesn’t do what Walter Daum wants him to do.

CALLER: — the knifing the women and children thing.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something, Joe, there’s also another connection we have to make. You’re right. We don’t have to go back to 1994. We can go back to April of this year to find out what Kerry would do with Iraq and with the whole question of UN national security and foreign policy. When he says that he has proposed to turn over to the UN the full responsibility for the transformation of the government and for the reconstruction, let’s add what we know now from the Duelfer report about the reconstruction of Iraq. Let us add to it what we know about the oil-for-food program. We know that Saddam was bribing the French and the Germans with oil contracts, oil future vouchers, in which they were to vote against us at the Security Council in exchange for continuing to be on Saddam’s bribery list. We know now that the Duelfer report — nobody’s harped on this except me — but what the Duelfer report did was just invalidate and repudiate the entire Kerry foreign policy.

We find out the UN is corrupt. The UN is corrupt with the oil-for-food program. The UN corrupted Iraq. Iraq was corrupt, and all of the members of the Security Council, or many of them, were on the take from Saddam in voting against us. You take this quote from Kerry and it says he’s going to turn the reconstruction over to the UN. Well, what does that mean? In light of the oil-for-food program information we have, it means those that were involved in being bribed by Saddam. ‘The coalition of the bribed and coerced,’ were the members of the Security Council on Saddam’s payroll with oil! They’re gonna get back in charge if Kerry promises to do what he says, and this is the one area where he’s consistent. It means the French and Germans would be going in there under UN auspices to rebuild Iraq, when they had nothing to do with liberating Iraq, and in fact opposed it.

CALLER: Right. I want to thank you so much for getting to this, because it has been on my heart for six months that he has such contempt for the military and wants to turn things over to the UN.
RUSH: Well, a lot of people might say, “What do you mean ‘contempt for the military’?” What do you mean there?
CALLER: Well, when someone stands up in your audience and says that all that your service people are doing in Iraq is knifing women and children and blowing up schools and mosques and you have no reaction to that? You have no, say, “I think you’re overstating that,” or —
RUSH: But wait a minute, Joe. I just heard him today say that the U.S. military is the bravest and the most well equipped and the best trained in the world.
CALLER: (Laughs) Well, of course they are, but he doesn’t believe that.
RUSH: Well, who gets the credit for that? He certainly doesn’t. He voted against everything that would end up in that regard!
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: He doesn’t get any credit for that. He’s ripping Bush with that comment. That’s how convoluted and out of phase Kerry has become. We’ll try to find that quote. We do have it but we don’t have time to play it. We only have a precious few seconds. But, Joe, if you’ll sit tight out there your wish will come true as do many listeners’ wishes come true on this program. All you gotta do is ask for what you want and oftentimes you get it. Thanks very much for the call, sir. I appreciate it.
CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush.
RUSH: You bet. “Contempt for the military.” You know how to answer that in addition to Joe’s answer? 1971, Senate testimony, calling the military heroes of Vietnam rapists, murderers, war criminals. <a href=”http://mfile.akamai.com/5020/wma/rushlimb.download.akamai.com/5020/clips/04/05/050704_2_quote.asx”>(audio)</a>
RUSH: This was April 14th at City College. Kerry’s doing a town meeting in there with students, and Daum showed up and just took over the thing and was really, really dumping on Kerry for being not a true liberal. Now, these things are going to sound out of order but they’re not. This is the order in which they really happened. Up first is Walter Daum making his speech to Kerry.

DAUM: You have said, “Stay the course.” George Bush calls the people there “thugs;” you call them “extremists.” But they hated Saddam Hussein, and they now hate us. They wanted Saddam Hussein out. Now they want the United States out. And you say, “Stay the course.” What the United States is doing is bombing hospitals, bombing mosques, sniping at civilians, killing hundreds of civilians, wounding thousands of civilians. And you say, “Stay the course.” Is that the criminal course that you want to stay? This is an imperialist country that’s fighting an imperialist war. You say, “Stay the course of this imperialist war,” and you say you are a stark difference from George Bush. People hate George Bush. By the end of your presidency people will hate you for the same thing. You may fool some of the Americans that you are different from George Bush on this war, but you’re not fooling most of the world and you’re going to fool Iraqis.
RUSH: Now, that is Walter Daum, and when he says, “What the U.S. is doing does bombing hospitals, bombing mosques, sniping at civilians, killing hundreds of civilians, wounding thousands of civilians, and you say ‘Stay the course,’ is that the criminal course that you want to stay?” This is what Kerry did not react to, did not defend, did not come to the defense of the U.S. military, did not come to the defense of the way we were prosecuting the war — and of course this is all a bunch of lies. We’re not imperialists. We’re not occupiers. We were not targeting civilians and hospitals and all this. It’s the opposite. They were opening. Hospitals and schools were opening. Electricity was being restored. This is just typical extreeeeme left-wingism. I mean, left-wingism, yeah, but it’s even worse than that. This is pure hate of this country that’s being espoused by this guy, Walter Daum.

Kerry (interruption). No, this is April. The primaries were over. He’d already gotten the nomination. Dean was out of it. Kerry had gone anti-war earlier to vanquish Dean, then, after he’d gone… That’s why Walter Daum is upset. Kerry had been anti-war to vanquish Dean. He had been parroting Dean to get the nomination, and after got the nomination then he went back to talking about how we’re going to go over and stay the course; once we’re there we can’t leave, but that he’s going to turn it all over to the UN. And Walter Daum is giving him grief here for changing his attitude about it because Walter Daum’s opinion is that Kerry thinks like Walter Daum does, that the U.S. is evil, that the U.S. is criminal, that the military is criminal, that the military kills civilians. I mean, Walter Daum is just saying what John Kerry himself said in 1971. You know, Walter Daum thinks he knows who Kerry is. He knows what Kerry said in the U.S. Senate, 1971. He accused the U.S. military in Vietnam of the same thing that Daum is accusing the military of today, but Kerry didn’t defend the military in response to Daum, and Daum is upset because he thinks Kerry is going wobbly and so he’s going to be sounding just like George Bush and just as hated as Bush, and here’s Kerry who comes right back at him. Kerry gets mad and so forth, you’ll hear it.
KERRY: I have consistently been critical of how we got where we are, but we are where we are, sir. And it would be unwise beyond belief for the United States of America to leave a failed Iraq in its wake. And I want the Americans out, and so do Americans want —
DAUM: No you don’t. You say, “Stay the course,” senator.
KERRY: Let me just finish. Stay the course of leaving a stable Iraq.
RUSH: So here you have a guy that thinks he knows Kerry. He’s upset, Daum is, that Kerry seems to be doing a 180. Kerry should hate the military. Kerry should hate what the military is doing in Iraq. Kerry should pledge to get us out of that whatever it means for this country because we’re imperialists and we have no right to be there. We’re killing kids. We’re blowing up hospitals. We’re murdering innocent civilians “in the thousands,” Walter Daum said, and that’s what he thinks Kerry is. He thinks Kerry understands that, but Kerry now that he has the nomination realizes that this is not the thing that’s going to help him win the election and Walter Daum is calling him on it. Kerry continues. This was next.
KERRY: If you don’t leave a stable Iraq with a legitimacy to whatever entity is going to transform the government, you have the potential for a civil war, you have the potential for Shi’a vs. Sunni vs. Kurd. There are all kinds of potentials. Let me just finish.
DAUM: They are united against the occupation.
KERRY: Yes, but…but…but the point is this, sir. You’re not listening to me.
DAUM: Oh, yes, I am.
KERRY: Well, then you haven’t…frankly…listened, because in fact the course that I have proposed is to you turn over to the United Nations the full responsibility for the transformation of the government and for the reconstruction.
RUSH: An unidentified reporter later asked Walter Daum if he’s satisfied with Kerry’s answer.
DAUM: No. He said he was going to bring in the UN and NATO as the solution, and that’s not different from an American imperialist occupation.
RUSH: So to this guy, the UN and NATO is nothing more than an imperialist American occupation. Now, you know, at the time — I’m going to have to be honest here. At the time I thought this Daum guy was a bit of a kook and a wacko and he is, but what I didn’t understand back in April is why he was so worked up. I thought he was worked up just because he’s a commie lib and he’s out there upset because he has this, this, this genetic hatred, this predisposition of thinking America is always wrong. What I have now come to understand is he thought Kerry was a brethren! He thought Kerry was his brother. He thought Kerry was exactly wait he is, because he knows what Kerry has said over the years about the U.S. military. He knows what Kerry’s votes are and what they have been, and so Walter Daum her Kerry talk about “staying the course” and “straightening out Iraq” and we couldn’t leave until we did that, and he heard American imperialism, and this didn’t jibe coming from John Kerry, who, of course, has this Vietnam War aftermath that is a public record and a guy like Walter Daum would have celebrated what Kerry said coming out of Vietnam. So Kerry was showing two faces to Walter Daum, and that’s why Walter Daum was mad. [Only known Walter Daum impression] “People hate George Bush and they will hate you, just as much,” and this of course has been swept under the rug since. Kerry has said so much since then. This is a great illustration, by the way, people say Bush should have been running ads during this time. Who remembers what happened in April? We had a caller who remembered this, given the sound bite of Kerry. Let’s go back, and may as well play this again. This is John Kerry. This sound bite from Frank Sesno’s show on CNN back in 1994. <a href=”http://media1.streamtoyou.com/rnc/KerryBalkans01.wmv”>(video of exchange)</a>
KERRY: They are ?
SESNO: Are they are worth dying for? That’s the question.
KERRY: Well, it depends ?
SENSO: Are they worth fighting and dying for?

KERRY: It depends what you mean by that, Frank. If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes. It is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocably no.
RUSH: By the way, is unequivocably — he says unequivocably there. Is that a word? It’s unequivocally. Unequivocably? Unequivocably. Look up unequivocably and see if it’s a word. See if it is. It just sounds weird to me. But nevertheless… So this is interesting. Go to line one up there. Tim in Cleveland, Ohio wants to weigh in on some of this. Hello, Tim, welcome to the program. Nice to have you with us.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Dittos from Ohio.
RUSH: You bet.
CALLER: You know, it’s interesting. When I heard John Kerry’s comments in ’94 and now, you know, listening to this clip that you’ve since played, it’s amazing to me that somebody who is running for the United States presidency is more concerned with UN interests than he is the United States interests — almost like you’re going to be the president of the United States but yet the UN is more important to you.
RUSH: Yeah, I know. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
CALLER: Well, it’s unbelievable, and to me, why not — if it’s not just the military — why not everyday life? I mean, if you tell UN says, “Well, you know, the United States should be doing this,” but the U.S. Congress says no, well, if it’s up to John Kerry, who is he going to side with?
RUSH: Well, I think it’s a legitimate question because what this means is… You know, Kerry has his friends in the Old Europe, these socialist elites over there. He clearly considers himself to be part of that club, the Smartest People in the World, and he’s obviously a globalist. He obviously believes that the United Nations is the best way to run the world. I know that, you know, you’re asking these questions because you’re befuddled and you can’t believe that somebody who wants to be president of the United States actually holds the UN in higher esteem that the U.S. military, but he does, and this is not new. This is something that he has a track record of 20 years of demonstrating — actually 30 if you go back to his testimony before the Senate in 1971. He’s got a 30-year track record of dumping on the U.S. military. His voting record shows that he was willing to weaken our defense structure, our intelligence structure, our weapons systems and yet every time he opens his mouth it is to praise the UN in one way or another. So your question, even though it sounds outrageous, is right on the money: What is a guy who wants to be president of the United States want to be president for if he’s going to suborn everything to the United Nations. It’s a scary question if you ask me.
CALLER: I’m not saying he’s so extreme that he’s going to suborn everyday life to the U.S. government being run by it UN, but little by little he’s going to whit away things to the point where, you know, these talking about this voting thing where voters are being disenfranchised. Well, screw it. Why don’t we just turn it over to the UN and let the UN decide who the United States president should be? I mean, I know that’s really extreme, but —
RUSH: What do you mean extreme? The Democrats in Congress have asked for that this election!
CALLER: Well, essentially you’re right. Yes, they have. But have they gone that far left? Are there any Zell Miller Democrats out there other than Zell Miller?
RUSH: Well, that’s a good question, and I know there are. The question is, will they show up on Election Day and how will they vote? Mayor of Youngstown called us yesterday. He’s a Democrat for 30 years. He’s fed up with it.
CALLER: I heard that. That was good to hear. I mean, he’s about an hour from where I am, so that was good to hear.
RUSH: Yeah, I know. This is mind-boggling. It’s literally mind-boggling. I don’t think any question you ask is too extreme. “Well,” you ask. “Why not have the UN run our elections?” Hey, already been done. They’re done a do it! Some international organization is going to do it and the Democrats in Congress nine of them have asked the UN to come in and do it. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. They already asked for it and you’ve got to ask yourself: What are the Democrats in this countries, like John Kerry have in common with the UN more so than they have in common with the United States?
CALLER: They’re socialists?
RUSH: Uh, well, that’s one thing. I think there are many more areas of commonality.
CALLER: They’re corrupt? (Laughs)
RUSH: No, the primary one is that they do not believe in what I call “the concept of American exceptionalism.” E-x-c-e-p-t, exceptional.
CALLER: I agree.
RUSH: We are an exceptional country. We are a beacon. We are a light for freedom around the world. These people don’t believe that. They think we’re the problem in the world. That’s what’s scary about it. That’s why they want to go to the UN. They want to apologize for our power, our superpower status and how we’ve used it and how we’ve plundered the earth, how we’ve cause global warming, all this. That’s what Kerry will do. He’ll sign Kyoto. He’ll sign us to the International Criminal Court. He’ll turn over as much sovereignty as we have to the international bodies because he and his ilk do not believe in the greatness of this country, quite the contrary. They don’t think this country is great and we need to be shown our place in the world.
Now, while he’s doing that, don’t expect him to subordinate himself to the UN. Don’t expect him to live by the rules he forces everybody else to live by. But there’s a lot of people in this country that are wealthy beyond their wildest dreams who have guilt and who knows whatever else as a result of it, and it’s the only thing I can come up with to explain other than way they were raised and the people who have gotten hold of them and programmed them, but this idea that this country poses the greatest threat to the rest of the people of the world and to the world in general is just obscene. It’s just offensive — and how people can hold that view is beyond me, but they do. When you let those people get in power, then, lo and behold, you’re going to have a much more vested in U.S. affairs United Nations, and Kerry is saying so. He’s not hiding behind this. He’s not equivocating on this.
He’s being as straightforward about this as he is on anything — which is nothing. But this one we can go to the bank on. This one he means. He’s not flip-flopping on this stuff. We’ve got too many instances of it over the years where he clearly indicates a preference for United Nations supremacy when it comes to various important elements, or any element of the United States, including our national security and our military — and to me, it’s unacceptable, folks. It’s intolerable and unacceptable, and he ought to be laughed off the stage as a candidate. The very idea the Democrats have nominated somebody who thinks this way ought to shame them to no end. This is not the Democratic Party that used to exist in this country. You know, it’s this bunch led by a bunch of hate America people, and that’s — you know, most of us go through life who love our country don’t understand people who hate it. What is there to hate? But they do. Enough of them do that it’s a frightening prospect that they should get control of it.

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