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COURIC: — hunting in a camouflage outfit? Come on.
KERRY: I’ve hunted all my life. I’ve done — I’ve only done things in this campaign that have been authentic. That’s why I suffered an advertisement about windsurfing because I told people. I said, “I’m not going to stop doing what I do. I’m going to be who I am,” and so people made fun — I don’t care. But that’s authentic.
RUSH: “That’s authentic, and I said that before: That’s authentic.” It’s just like, you know, folks, if you have to tell somebody you’re not a whore, you’re a whore. If you have to say you’re authentic, you’re not authentic. You’re not authentic. If you have to say you’re a real man, real guy, there must be some question about it. I mean, for Katie to get it! This clearly embarrassed the left, this hunting escapade out there in Ohio. It embarrassed them.
It embarrassed them so much they can’t even defend it. You know, it’s not Republicans, senator, that can’t stand to see a Democrat hunt. It’s Democrats that can’t stand to see a Democrat hunt! It’s liberals that can’t stand to see you go hunting when they know that it’s phony! By the way, the Kerry campaign says he was, too, in New York at Shea Stadium for Game 6 of the Mets and the Red Sox World Series. Yeah, he was in Boston for that — I’m sorry, they say he was in New York, he was in Shea Stadium. He was at the World Trade Center, but when the meeting ended he hopped a shuttle.
He hopped a shuttle in the middle of the game and he got down there and he saw the end of the game. He was at Shea Stadium — and do you know he also ran the Boston Marathon.? John Kerry ran the Boston Marathon. Now, there’s no record of his ever finishing because he didn’t wear a number. He was sort of like a renegade runner, just decided to run out there. It’s what he’s saying! He ran in the Boston Marathon and he was at Shea Stadium after hopping a shuttle from Boston after his meeting at the World Trade Center, and he’s an authentic hunter out there. “Can I get me a hunting license here?”

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