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One of his underlings, one of his interns was Mohammed ElBaradei. So what they did instead of destroying the explosives, they sealed them. Number 5: Today we learn that the seals were ineffective because of ventilation slats on the sides. Ventilation slats on the side of the Al Qaqaa dump! So the seals were ineffective. This is a botched job from the get-go by the IAEA and it is apparent that what’s happening here is the UN botched this and is trying to shift blame to the Bush administration — with the willing accomplices and the assistance of the New York Times, CBS and the John Kerry campaign. John Kerry’s eyes wide shut on this.
What’s so smart about it? Plus we have a story that the Russians, Bill Gertz with a story in the Washington Times that Russia is tied to the missing arms. “Russian Special Forces troops moved many of Saddam’s weapons and related goods out of Iraq and into Syria in the weeks before the March 2003 military operation. John Shaw, the deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security said in an interview that he believes Russian troops working with Iraqi intelligence almost certainly removed the material that went missing from the Al Qaqaa dump south of Baghdad. ‘The Russians brought in just before the war got started a whole series of military units,’ Mr. Shaw said. ‘Their mission was to shred all evidence of any of the contractual arrangements they had with the Iraqis. The others were transportation units. Most of Saddam’s most powerful arms were systematically separated from other arms like mortars bombs and rockets and sent to Syria and Lebanon, possibly to Iran,’ said Mr. Shaw.”
Who is Mr. Shaw? “Mr. Shaw was in charge of cataloging the tons of conventional arms provided to Iraq by foreign suppliers. He said he recently obtained reliable information on the arms disbursal program from two European intelligence services that have detailed knowledge of the Russian-Iraqi weapons collaboration.” There’s also this. I’m just going to throw this in here myself. You’re Saddam Hussein. You got all of these explosives in your country’s basic explosive dump ground. Ten thousand sites like Al Qaqaa, ladies and gentlemen, all over the country. You know that your enemies know where these sites are. They have satellites up there taking pictures. So if an invasion is imminent, the one thing that you do is move them! You move them, and in one instance you take ’em out of the dump where they are, which is the target, and he put them right out in the open camouflaged.
One of the best places to hide stuff is right out in the open where people aren’t looking for it. Or you move it out of the country. The logical conclusion here is that the weapons were moved. Now the Russians today are denying all this, as we can expect. I mean, the Russians aren’t going to come along and say, (Ruskie accent) “Oops, veee vere caught. You’re right.” They’re not going to do that. They’re denying it left and right. The Gertz story still stands. But when you get right down to it, it doesn’t matter who moved this stuff. It was gone before we got there. Who moved it is irrelevant. I can totally believe the Russians would help the Iraqis move this. They were in league. I can understand if the French did it. I could understand if the French, Germans and the Russians together helped the Iraqis. I can understand anybody that was being bribed by Saddam to go in there and help him.
The UN Security Council was the “coalition of the bribed and coerced.” You had a bunch of these countries being paid off by Saddam with oil vouchers in exchange for support for Saddam in opposition to the United States. The Russians did it. It doesn’t matter to me who did it. The fact in a somebody had to or Saddam did it by himself. But you know, the fact that the Russians did it or didn’t do it is not the point to me. The point to me needs to remain focused on John Kerry, because we’ve obviously missing weapons that Kerry has blamed on his own country; he’s blamed on his own troops; he’s blamed on his own president. He just loves to point fingers of incompetence at his own country and his own countrymen. He wouldn’t dare blame the United Nations. He still hasn’t criticized the UN for one thing that they have ever done. The UN remains a perfect institution for him. So his eyes are wide shut.

So let’s say the Russians moved these explosives. Let’s say somebody — wouldn’t you think that John Kerry, who says…? Look it, folks, John Kerry, the smartest guy that’s ever run for president. Next to Bill Clinton and next to Hillary Clinton — John Kerry is the smartest guy in the country, right? He’s sophisticated. He’s erudite. John Kerry is a cut above, and John Kerry himself says that he’s going to fight a “smarter and more effective terror war.” He’s got a smarter, more effective way to do everything. Well, he keeps talking about how smart he is, and how much smarter he will do things. Wouldn’t you think that he would have been smart enough to figure this out before the Washington Times story came out today about the Russians?
Wouldn’t you think he’d be smart enough to figure out that his own country may not be guilty? Or maybe he wants his own country to be guilty, to advance his campaign, because in his mind his own country being guilty is the same thing as Bush being guilty. Kerry keeps talking about do everything smarter than Bush. How is Kerry’s na?ve and shallow understanding of what was going on in Iraq during our invasion smart? He’s wrongfully accused the commander-in-chief of the U.S. in a time of war of gross negligence because of a claim by the New York Times, a nonexistent cache of explosives was not guarded by U.S. troops. It’s irresponsible and stupid. There’s nothing smarter or more effective whatsoever about the way Kerry is dealing with this. His campaign is stupid. This is absolutely stupid. There’s nothing smarter or more effective about this campaign that he is running.
In fact, it’s dumber; it is less effective, and it’s mystifying to watch John Kerry in action here. We now discover the New York Times story has been discredited by eyewitnesses, yet Kerry continues to push the lie. Is that smarter and more effective? We learned about the complex involvement of the UN, the Russians, our military embedded reporters. Kerry eyes are wide shut, will not deal with the emerging facts that bring honor to our troops and our president. Is that smarter and more effective? What are these smarter plans that he’s got? This guy is running a campaign based on newspaper headlines, and his campaign here in the last week of the campaign is now built on a foundation of lies. It appears to me that the smarter-and-more-effective Senator Kerry is a shortsighted, angry, clumsy, and irresponsible politician.
He sold out our troops in Iraq because he wants to be their commander-in-chief. You think anybody in the military in significant numbers is going to vote for this guy now? No wonder the governor of Pennsylvania is trying to suppress the military vote in his state. That would be Fast Eddie Rendell. Kerry wants to lead people that he insults, degrades and minimizes! Is that smarter and more effective? Oh, I know he’s come out with statements that we have on audiotape praising the troops. But that’s after the fact, after he’s reminded or has been reminded that his original criticism made it sound like these people are a bunch of bungling idiots right along with George W. Bush. His mindless parroting of flimsy, unsubstantiated news stories is stupid. What’s smarter and more effective about this? He doesn’t make smart decisions.
His faith in the wholly corrupt United Nations, is that smarter and more effective when it comes to the national security and defense of this country? His “global test” is not smart. As the president said, “If Kerry were president we’d still be trying to pass the global test, and we would fail it each and every time,” because all it takes is one trusted foreign country of John Kerry’s to disapprove of what we’re doing and we won’t do it. His liberalism is not smart. Is liberalism smarter and more effective? No! Liberalism is a demonstrable failure at everything it to try to fix. Was his orange tan smart? You know, I’ve looked at some tape. There’s been videotape of some stuff out of Iraq, some old videotape of weapons containers and cartons and stuff inside the Al Qaqaa dump and so forth, same color as Kerry’s tan!
Is that smarter and more effective to put that stuff on before the first debate and be laughed at about it so you have to wash it all off in time for the first debate? You know, it is… Remember when he said: “If and wheeeeen you do it, you take action, you haaaaaave to do it in a way that passes the teeeeest, passes a global teeeeest so your countrymen, your people understand fully why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you can prooooove it to the world that you did it for legitimate reeeeeeasons.” Well, senator, this same convoluted logic of yours must be applied to your own grave charges against the president and the military. You go out there hysterically charging that the president and the military are guilty of gross negligence and dereliction of duty, you have to pass what I think can be fairly characterized as “an American test.”
Are you passing the American test, senator? You want to have this global test. Well, we need an American test for you. Are you going to put your nation’s interests first — ever? No, I’m not challenging his patriotism. Don’t put those words in my mouth, Mr. Snerdley. He’s talking about passing a global test. I want to know if he’s willing to pass the American test first. By that I mean, is he willing to stop trashing his own country in matters of disputes? He does so instinctively. I am not convinced that John Kerry can pass the American test, folks, when it comes to our national security and our defense. The hell with the global test. Before we get there; he’s gotta pass the American test, and I think he is failing miserably this week in massing the American test.

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