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KERRY: I’m John Kerry and I approved this message.

RUSH: A commercial that doesn’t even mention Kerry. It just talks about ‘a new commander-in-chief.’ Now, why is Kerry out there all of a sudden doing tributes to the troops? It’s because they’ve got their own focus groups and polling data, and they know that this idiot campaign of his this week to adopt the New York Times story that blames America for losing sight of these explosives is a direct insult to the competence of the U.S. military. Grab audio sound bite #4. So Kerry’s got to shore this up. Here he’s trying to close the gap between the president and himself on who’s best able to fight terrorists in Iraq, and he thinks this New York Times story gives him the opportunity, and he goes out there and insults the troops, he insults the military, he insults his own country by claiming the stuff was taken under our watchful eye. It was looted while we were there, so it isn’t working. So that’s why that ad ran, that’s why they put together this ad that doesn’t mention his name, just salutes the troops. And he said this in Sioux City, Iowa, yesterday, listen to this.

KERRY: My friends, I want to make this clear to you.

RUSH: Yeah?

KERRY: Our troops every step of the way, from the first moment, without even the body armor, without even the best equipment, they have done their job magnificently and with courage. The troops did their job, but the Bush administration failed to tell them what they already knew, what they, the administration knew, and what the international agencies already knew, that this site contained some of the largest quantities of the most dangerous explosives in Iraq. What do we hear now from this president on this important matter of national security? Silence.

RUSH: He can’t even tell the truth about that. The president slammed him yesterday big time, upside the head. You talk about a head slap. Kerry doesn’t know he got hit yet, apparently. He doesn’t know this is being thrown right back at him, being stuffed right down his throat. He has to come out now and give this lame defense of the soldiers. ‘Oh, yeah, they’re great soldiers. Well, they were great over there. The administration lied to ’em about what was in ammo dumps.’ Yeah, our troops, Senator Kerry, need to be told what’s in an ammo dump. Our troops, the U.S. military, walk up to an ammo dump and don’t know what’s there unless they’re told by George Bush. Right. It’s like saying Colonel Sanders would not recognize a chicken ranch if he drove up. It’s absolutely just… This guy, if people were actually paying attention to what this guy says — and we hope that you are — he’s twisting himself in all sorts of ways and continuing to do so. He’ll never be able to straighten himself out. Of course that’s not the point.


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