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CALLER: Well, it’s unfortunate. I think there’s a silent — certainly President Bush was right when he said that America has no truer friend than Great Britain. I think it’s unfortunate that there’s a vociferous minority, Chirac and Schroeder and people like that, troublemakers on the left of Europe, who have been very quick to denounce this president. But these people forget that America has been a great force for good in the world, a force for liberation, and a force for freedom on the continent of Europe. Where would they be but for the sacrifice of American soldiers, American blood spilled on the continent of Europe to free the continent of Europe from fascism?

RUSH: And we ask that a lot here.

CALLER: You’re quite right. You’re quite right to ask it.

RUSH: We wonder why memories are short.

CALLER: Oh, you’re quite right. Being from the United Kingdom, we wonder as well about the memory of France. When France stood alone it was the United Kingdom and America who helped deliver France from Nazism when they surrendered so willingly and so easily. I think it’s very sad, very sad indeed if people like Chirac were given their way, were given John Kerry in the White House. I think that people in America need to realize that John Kerry is the French candidate it in this election, that is who Chirac and the French left want in the White House.

RUSH: There’s no question about that. The question we have in the United States is, “Why don’t more?” I mean, it’s one thing to wonder where the Europeans are on this, and why there are so few such as you speaking out, but we in America sometimes, “Why are there so many Americans who don’t see it the way you do?”

CALLER: Well, again, I think it’s very important. This is the first time I’ve listened to your program, and I have to tell, the standard of journalism coming from the networks is appalling. The anti-Bush bias in the network media is dreadful. Similarly, the newspapers, especially, as you’ve mentioned on your program, the New York Times, the standard of coverage in the New York Times is atrocious. The Democratic Party has picked a candidate who, in any other election, wouldn’t even be considered, but the media have tried to build him up so much to try and turn this into some sort of a competitive race. I happen to think that the race is swinging President Bush’s way. I think you were quite right to point out that states for the Democratic Party have previously been strong, places like Hawaii are now being called into question. I’ve been invited on Tuesday to the American consulate in Belfast, in Northern Ireland, and I’ll be watching on Tuesday and praying for four more years.

RUSH: Well, we appreciate that, Christopher, and how did you find this show? You said you were listening to this program for the first time today. How did you stumble upon it?

CALLER: Through the Internet.

RUSH: Through the Internet.

CALLER: I get it through the Internet. So it’s good to hear a real conservative voice from the right, because certainly the coverage of the election provided by the networks is just appalling.

RUSH: Well, not to mention the left-wing press in the UK.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. There will be a few newspapers, I suppose it would be worth noting that in Northern Ireland we have the oldest newspaper in the world, the Belfast Newsletter, which was established in 1737. The Belfast Newsletter had a poll on who would make a better president, and 95% of the people who voted in the poll on who would make a better president voted for George W. Bush. So the message in Northern Ireland from people who have suffered at the hands of terrorism is very clear, that they want to see George W. Bush return for another four years.

RUSH: Christopher, I appreciate the call.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: I’m glad that you’re listening and I really appreciate the fact that you tried to get through and you succeeded. I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: Thank you very much.

RUSH: You bet. Best to you.

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