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Of course these new rights run by women, why, that doesn’t matter now, to the arts-and-croissant crowd — and I wouldn’t expect to hear much about the murder of Theo Van Gogh in the art-laden capitals of old Europe, either. Even though this is just the latest in a series of terrorist acts that have occurred on their doorstep over there, they’re going to continue to ignore the growing threat of terrorism as long as it’s politically expedient for them to do so, while we Americans and our allies will continue to pay the price for ridding the world of these intolerant, violent nut jobs, these Islamofascists. There’s one thing for sure: While the international left continues to ignore terrorists in their midst, the terrorists are not ignoring them.
Theo Van Gogh, murdered. His throat slashed, after his movie Submission aired this past August ? a fictional movie made with the help of a female politician who renounced Islam as her religion. It was critical of the treatment that Islamic women endure. So I just wanted to make sure that that little bit of information crossed your path today. Well, I think that the time has come for us to not consider why they slashed his throat. I mean, H.R. just said, “Well, Rush, maybe you’re jumping the gun here. Maybe they had a reason for doing this. Maybe we ought to take into account their angst and anger and hurt feelings.” Well, I understand their rage and screw their rage. I mean, these people, you know, shortly after 9/11 the Pentagon convened or the State Department convened some panel: “Why do they hate us so much?” I don’t care why! The fact they do is all we need.

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